Well, we are partially working on the new ‘puter! Hallelujah and thank you Lord! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be blobbing with a mouse again! Good grief Charlie Brown, typing on that iPad about gave me a twitch.

I am still in the process of trying to download Windows Live Writer again, which should make the majority of my blog related issues go away, but it is complaining about a firewall or something, and that puts it squarely in Honey’s camp of things to attend to.

Of course that installation is all well and good but it will not help one whit with arranging the appearance of the blog. It has been a L.O.N.G. time since I have attempted to do anything on that front and something as simple as getting a blog roll added is apparently more than I can remember. BUT, as we have said at BSF this year many times, little by little.

Did I say I was happy to have a mouse pad again? Cause if you didn’t catch that I need to say it AGAIN!!!!!!! That was 7 exclamation points because 7 is God’s number!

Speaking of BSF, our beloved class administrator Miss Mattie had to unexpectedly leave for Texas to be with her husband who suffered a brain aneurysm. He is having a rough go of it and is extremely critical. Doctors are trying a procedure today to attempt to coil the blood vessel and prevent brain surgery. All prayers are appreciated. We know that nothing is too hard for God.

If Seymour were a person he would be arrested for disturbing the peace and assault and battery. He’s a hooligan. Like a loveable thug. I sometimes incarcerate him in our half bath. There is absolutely nothing to do in there but contemplate his wicked ways.

We had ham for dinner last night and Sy was a huge fan. It’s strange to have an animal who eats people food once again. Katie, our Yorkie who passed away about 2- 3 years ago, was always appreciative of all dinner, but Mama Mia and her daughters have absolutely zero interest in anything other than their Science Diet chow.

Considering that Mia was found with her litter of kittens scrounging near a dumpster in Detroit, you would think she would eat anything. Nope. Only Lucy will lick a little tuna water.

Is anybody else playing Trivia Crack? What a time sucker THAT is! I am trying to lure my brother Beeve to join Abby and I, because if there is one family gene we share it is trivia. Giant fountains of useless information. He will have a slight advantage over me because he will do better in the sports category. Sports and science jockey for last place in my games.

I must go, we have care group tonight and I would not be at all comfortable to host anyone with our house in the condition it is. I now understand the term “the fur was flying”. Great tufts are lying on our carpet. Those felines fight hard. Hope the fur is not flying at your place. Have a good weekend.


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