Post Big Kahuna


The Mitten is having a second snow day! I think it was really more for the sake of the school busses than anything. The Ab-Cat ventured out for BSF last night and Honey went back to work.

This was during the first plow, before things really got ramped up. That’s my boyfriend, looking like a terrorist. He plowed 3 times and decided we had over 16 inches of powder.


It was piling up.


Half a tree piled up!


The next day dawned sunny and super bright. Like blink your eyes bright.

Honey said I should come out and take a picture, the house looked pretty!


I like these two tree brothers.


Cement Katie was in up to her snout.


The snow has quit, now we are in the deep freeze. 8 degrees, but at least still sunny.

The garbage men just came, their groove was thrown off yesterday. Honey just mentioned he told them to take our sad, broken garbage can, so that means a trip to Lowes or Home Depot is in my future.

On another note, the blog is coming along! Honey finally got the Windows Live Writer downloaded and I finally figured out the picture download thingy, we are now up and at’em! Which I used to think was up and Adam, and that made NO sense at all.

The one thing that is bugging me right now is the blog roll is not alphabetical. It is on the dashboard, but comes out all willy nilly on the home page. Is that a hill to die on? I go back and forth between there should be a way and let it go.

I think I will go out today. I have been in the house since I got home from my errands on Saturday afternoon, before the Big Kahuna storm. That’s not what they are calling it, that’s what I am calling it.

I went to Gordon’s Food Service to get the naan bread we use for pizza crust, down to New Mexico to get salsa for Honey and Mousey, then unfortunately had to run in to Meijer, where I found our entire town and there was not an empty cart in sight.

I think it was the perfect trifecta of events that caused the stampede. Weekend shoppers, the coming Kahuna and the Superbowl. I was glad to get out of that mad house.

After that experience I was glad to be socked in at home, but now I am ready to rejoin the masses.Maybe Sam’s, maybe we gals can go pick up our new glasses! That sounds like fun!

I’ll let you know how it goes down. Have a fun day!


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  1. The house does look loverly except all that snow just looks painful! We’ve had warm and cold and warm and cold but somehow we have missed getting too much snow…thank the manufacturer!


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