Now that I started the new blob I don’t have to worry about running out of space anymore! I am WALLOWING in extra space !!!

Pinterest posts are back!

I sent this to Mousey, who complains about winter more than anyone I know.


This reminds me of so many friends, and you know who you are.


Eye candy for the dog days of winter. Ahhhh. Especially love that black kitty witty in the garden.


MUST GET! Do you even know how helpful this would be for a hairdresser?? Well, let me assure you, it would be helpful! What do you think Schmenky?


Sincere, deep, genuine want.


Love this! This vaguely reminds me of something I saw on Jip the Farm Dog’s basement wall. I believe it featured her boys. And dolphins.


Did I mention to you guys that I really liked this book? If I didn’t, I really liked this book!


Must try. I am having an intervention on myself.


As Mousey is fond of saying, “cat paws are everything.””.


Have a good Thursday.


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