Hi Guys! Since I didn’t get around to posting a list on Friday I have great need to release some of the dibs and dabs of loose information rolling around in my brain.

I am in a phase of blogging where I don’t know what I used to blog about. It happens periodically. Sometimes you have SO many options and they are all juggling for center stage. Other times, such as the present, you feel boring and nothing seems blob worthy.Maybe it’s winter?

I do know what some of the trouble is. I know many hurting people. Just since Christmas there have been four tragic and unexpected deaths, one critically ill husband of a friend, and too many to count illnesses and ailments and trials of friends and loved ones.There have been many, many prayers lifted up to the Father.

It wears on you.

Evening, morning and noon
I cry out in distress,
and he hears my voice. Psalm 55:17

Good to know.

We are in Leviticus 11 this week at BSF. The chapter starts off with the Israelites complaining. The chapter does not end well. I do NOT want to be a complainer.

Since Honey got the new computer up and running, and the new blog is fully operational, there has been much logging in and creating new passwords and such. This taxes my brain. I have resorted to this cute little note book to help myself.  I noticed Honey has started using it as well, without me even mentioning what I was doing.


Does everyone already have one of these? Were we the only ones who didn’t?

I have been pinning built in shelves and cupboards on Pinterest. They all feature different aspects of what I am looking for. Maybe we should have someone build what we want and post our own pictures on Pinterest. Maybe there are others looking for just what we want!

I like this. But want it to go to the ceiling. And white would not go in our home.


With this flat surface, but not the glass cupboards on the top. And not drawers on the bottom.


And with a hole in the center for our window to the kitchen, and more shelves on top of the window, but not the indented cupboards.


This is our area. I would not be sad at all to lose that useless hole in the wall on the left. I don’t know why they did that. I guess they could put a false back in and make it a skinny book shelf. Who is they? I don’t know.


Our kitchen sink is on the other side of that pass through window. I realize it’s off center, but if they can put a man on the moon, they should certainly be able to work around that. There is that mythical they again.


Well, it’s a nice wish, but it most likely will never happen. We have other things around here that NEED to happen. This project certainly falls into the would be nice column. Kind of fun to think about though 🙂

Have a good Monday.


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