Y’All, it is –10 degrees out there.

Not whining, just an information update. Mousey will do the actual whining.

I told her she is dangerously close to being labeled a complainer. But, she is cute, so we will change that to Grumble Bunny.

Our BSF lesson this week was about complaining. God doesn’t like it. I think we all know that, but it was a good reminder.

Complaining can be contagious. I think we all know that too.

I complain on occasion. I think we all know that.

So the moral of the story? Don’t be a Grumble Bunny.

I keep telling myself that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived through a worse winter than this.

I got new glasses. I don’t like them. It is my way.

Mousey and Ab-Cat did too. Mousey is enjoying seeing for the first time in five years. Vanity, thy name is Mouselina.

She is also trying contacts. They are not going quite as well. At first they really bothered her eyes. The next pair are WAY more comfortable, but she unfortunately cannot see out of one eye. As you can imagine, there has been some back and forth to the eye doctor.

The Ab-Cat has also been back and forth with the fit of her glasses and her darling new sunglasses. What is wrong with us?

I downloaded BooMama’s A Little Salty To Cut The Sweet and BigMama’s The Antelope In My Living Room for ZERO American dollars on my Kindle last week!!!!! Happy Valentines Day to ME!

I just looked and it’s not available anymore 😦   I am so sorry I did not let you know sooner.

Because it is negative degrees outside, that means I have multiple errands to run today, that’s how I roll.

But Honey, my friend CMB and our cats will thank me, so there’s that incentive.

Also my back.

Did I mention I have a new chiropractor? I like him a lot. He has helped my neck and headaches a whole bunch. He is now working on this hurty shoulder attached to the chicken wing, rib cage, bra strap area. He calls it something about the rotator, rib tip something or other. I had this problem once before and it took a sweet forever to go away on its own.

Y’All, he is about KILLING me but I have to admit it is feeling some better. I have to go see him again today before he leaves for vacation so he can mangle me again.

I had to pick a new picture for my avatar on the new blob. I chose this one.


Unfortunately, I had to crop my brother Beeve out of it, but I will show you guys the whole thing. I like his face.

Ok, gotta git. Enjoy your day!


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