Should be required reading in all schools. Number 1 because it’s so good, and number 2 because after reading it we should NEVER EVER complain about our winter again. #everythingineedtoknowilearnedfromtheingalls #mouseywouldhavedied


I sent this to Mrs. Schmenkman earlier this week because she has oodles of kitties. I then realized that this applies to me as well. #perspective #felinepride


The only kind I am interested in seeing. #mynearfuture


This looks SO yummy. Supposed to be dieting over here. #lovetheoneyourewith


Michigan this week. It bears asking. #why? #-20


In honor of the Saturday Night Live 40th year anniversary, I MUST SAY!!!!!! #edgrimleyforever


Where I am. #puremichigan  #devilsicebox


Where we are going. Ahhhhhhhh. #beachbliss #vacation #honeygetsoutofdodge


Maybe what I will do there! #getmycrafton #rocklivesmatter


Have a pin-worthy day!


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  1. When I’m most grateful not to live in pioneer days? The middle of winter and whenever I’m sick : ) Wish I had a trip to Fl on my calendar. We’re going to TX for a wedding next month. No beaches, but no sub-zero temps either.


  2. well I found your new blog, but I don’t understand the #stuff! and I KNEW you’d be going o vacation soon, cause I’ll need a hairfix soon! but GO, enjoy some warmth!!!


  3. I LOVE The Long Winter, I had been reading the series to M a couple of years ago — we got to this one in the throws of chicken pox. I couldn’t put it down but had to read it out loud so 5 times a day, I was like “do you want me to read you another chapter?” Fortunately, she was home for days and we finished it.


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