Florida 2015


Hi Guys!

Hmmmm, I have been away a long time. Honey and I went to Florida with the girls on February 20th and returned home on March 2nd. Reentry was busy and snowy with a crust of icy. Mitten, why you do us that way??

I am hindered today by a lack of pictures of the topic I had intended to talk about. I was fairy certain that I asked Mousey to email me hers, but alas, no pho-to. I can’t find fault because I have been known to have similar memory lapses.

I guess I will give a vacation overview. I don’t think this will be a heavily documented trip because I did not use my big camera once and I believe I have shared before that my people are 90% uncooperative when asked to be photographed. Someday they will regret their obstinacies, especially when their children grieve them in like ways.

We stayed in a house on a canal in Cape Coral, because that is all Honey could find available for a week rental. We stayed in Cape Coral last year as well, and while both homes were beautiful, I prefer to be a little further south. Mainly because my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis live in Naples and the drive down there was at least 40 minutes on a good day to over an hour with traffic. And when is 41 without a ton of snow bird traffic in February?

Our house was owned by a friendly fellow from Germany. We had no serious complaints! Just some usual ones like SERIOUSLY? no soap in the bathrooms? Why Scott toilet paper, single ply is of the devil. And why do I have to shave my legs way back here where the warm shower water does not go?


I need to remember to take pictures when we first arrive, before everyone s.p.r.e.a.d.s out. So that is my reason for no inside pictures. Just water bottles and stuff. The girls each had their own rooms with bathrooms, so they were happy with that arrangement. The real star of this show was the screened in patio. Y’All, it went on for-EVER!

To the right.


To the left, to the left.


That is where we spent the most time, when the weather wasn’t too cloudy or rainy.

Honey was able to pursue one of his favorite pastimes.


And he read! He takes the same book to Florida every year and he never reads it! He read a couple books on the Kindle, YAY Honey!!!!


And then he fished some more! This man? He needed a big old break from his life, I’m so glad he relaxed!


Look! Cooperative People!!!


And one more, because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. My blog, my prerogative.


I like those guys.


This one likes the sun.


We travelled down to Naples several times to eat and hang out with this group. This is the first winter for my aunt and uncle in their new place. Pretty sure they are LOVING it. Uncle Bob was teaching the girls how to play up and down the river with Aunt Phyllis and Rob B.

IMG_1417 (3)

Rob B. might have been disappointed we didn’t play Peanuts, because that is our family game .But he is on the blob, and he says he does like that.


Honey and Girl Cousin Lindsay and I just relaxed in here and talked about Lindsay’s job as a middle school teacher and the state of education in general. Bless her heart real good.

IMG_1413 (3)

Lindsay has lived in Florida for about 5 years now, hence the warm pink fuzzy slippers on a 70 degree day.

IMG_1414 (3)

We celebrated The Ab-Cat’s 26th birthday with Bob and Phyl with DELICIOUS ribs at Bricktops, and then ice cream at Handel’s. There are no pictures, just the way she likes it. But that girl’s love language is good food and she was feeling it!

And that’s about it. We saw a couple movies, ate a lot of good dinners, I read 4 1/2 books, completed 2 Bible study lessons, had ice cream more times than I am comfortable admitting, and RELAXED.

And we came home to a snow/ice storm the next day, THE END.

Welcome back to The Mitten suckers.


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  1. We get to Naples every 5-6 weeks, since that is where the grandson lives (until he is off to college in the fall). We are going there next weekend. It sounds like you had a great time, and that house is lovely! Naples is a 3-hour drive for us, from Lakeland. Hope someone sends along more photos so we can re-visit it with you!


  2. I would like to note that I have lived in Florida for (almost) 4 years now!! It’s totally appropriate for me to be cold on a 70 degree day at this point!! 🙂


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