Monday Monday


Good Monday to you. I don’t know about Y’All, but my sleeping rhythm is all joophered up. I don’t even think I can blame it on the clock changing ceremony. 3:30-4:30 is not helpful for my sense of well being. Or the bags under my eyes.

I still have two vacation related posts to tell about, but in both instances I need a couple pictures from others. One, the previously mentioned shots from Mousey, and two, a couple from Jip the Farm Dog. I have reminded / asked them both to send  them to me exactly ZERO times, so they cannot be faulted. This is a sad commentary on how my brain is behaving these days because I saw Jip two times over the weekend and I sat next to Mousey on the couch last night for at least 2-3 hours watching Big Hero Six and scratching backs. Did I remember even one time to ask for the needed pictures? No, no I did not.

So how about a post vacation list?

Is anyone watching American Idol this season? WOW. There are some seriously talented young people this year. That was not sarcasm. It’s too soon to pick a favorite. I think this is my favorite lineup of judges too. They are encouraging AND offer good constructive criticism.

I feel like it took me longer than usual to get my act together after vacation. Possibly because I had not done laundry before we left and it was all just sitting there waiting for me when we returned home. Also possibly because I usually do our vacation laundry while still on vacation. Mousey and I did not have as much thrifting luck as usual, so I did no laundry, and she only did a couple loads. I don’t do her laundry at home, just felt the need to clarify that.

It was good to get back to my two Bible studies! Even though both were convicting, each in their own prickly way. One for all the ways we use other words to soften our complaining. Sharing, informing, bellyaching, I’m just being honest, VENTING. It’s all grumbling, and it’s all not good. And second, two wrongs always make a wrong, complaining is the art of ignoring God, and sinful disobedience results in loss of God’s privileges. Plus, anger can get us in BIG trouble. Much to ponder.

We are on break this week from BSF. Whatever will I do on Wednesday and Thursday mornings??

The Boy and The Dane will be home this Saturday. He started chemo last Wednesday to try and beat his chronic ITP into some form of submission. So far, so good on the side effects. The Dane instituted a gluten free diet for him as well. Prayers are appreciated.

After a bitter cold welcome home from vacation week, we were treated to 40 degrees and sunny yesterday!!! It was most delicious and most welcome! I hear there is more where that came from too!

I made quite a few phone calls last week scheduling appointments for temple maintenance. There is always the possibility that those appointments will spawn other appointments. Just putting out fires from here on out. Just trying to keep up with all the system failures.

My Aunt Phyllis asked if Honey and I wanted to join her and my Uncle Bob, Beeve and Stacey and Girl Cousin Lindsay and Rob B, otherwise known nationally as Team Levine, on a 10 day sugar challenge. I was all in until she said we could not have any artificial sweetener either. I am all out now because Mama needs her chai. I realize that sounds silly, but I am not so much of an adult that I can drink tea black. Sorry.

In my defense, I could totally do the 10 days without real sugar.

This was what she sent. It is a good thing. Very scary information.

Ok, go forth and do Monday.


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