Sy Goes to the Farm


I believe I mentioned that while we were in Florida I farmed out the youngster. Because he is relentless and I feared we would come home to mayhem or death. Either one of the old ladies would have a stroke or heart attack from his persistent harassing, or the elders would gang up and gut him like a fish.

It seemed reasonable AND necessary.

My first thought was Jip the Farm Dog, because she and Sy already have history. Also because when I told her that The Boy and The Dane were moving and could not keep him, she said she and her husband would adopt him. Unfortunately, they would have to sneak him past Abby, which was unlikely because he is her Precious.

So I thought she might be interested in a houseguest, but she needed to confer with her husband Jaw, to see if he was amenable.He was!

So that is how Seymour went on vacation.

I was apprehensive because he has some….issues. He can be very mouthy, as in BITEY, he has a problem with pulling threads of the carpet with his teeth when doors he feels should be open are closed, and he has no idea that it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to jump on the counter or the table whenever he feels compelled to do so. In other words, he can be socially unacceptable.

I outed him concerning all of his undesirable ways, they took him anyway.

By all accounts, they LOVED HAVING HIM!!!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!!!!

I can tell that he LOVED being there too!!!!!

I knew he would adore their house because he is one to spontaneously run the length of a room as if dogs are chasing him. The Boy told us he did this in their small apartment, and I have witnessed the tearing around at our house. Back and forth, up and down the stairs, and in and out of rooms. He is also a great fan of heights. He loves nothing more than being above the fray.

Jip’s house is very well suited for tearing, with the added bonus that her staircase does not end in the basement with a closed door. Oh NO, hers is an up one side, down another side staircase!!! With a half wall on top to perch on,


you can’t get much higher than that in the domesticated cat world! He was ABOVE THE FRAY!


They kept him entertained, here he is watching their son Daniel Tiger play baseball.


He found many resting places.


Farm Dogs make good beds.


Did I ever mention he has his own hashtag on Instagram? #prettyguysy check him out.


Jip is our teaching leader at BSF. She spends a large amount of time at her computer working on her lesson and lecture and such. She said Sy was usually on her lap or by her side all day.


He was super helpful. I hope he didn’t knock over her nectar of the gods, aka Diet Mountain Dew. Her nectar, not my nectar.


The caption when she sent this one was “REALLY?????”


He also lent his helping paw to her husband Jaw. I was surprised that he won Jaw over so quickly and easily, which only goes to prove my theory that Jon is an iron covered marshmallow.

Jon called the night I relieved them of their houseguest. He wanted his cat back. And Jip has given me several examples where things have gone wrong in his personal and professional life that he is attributing as my fault because I took his cat.

Clearly, I have done him wrong.


We are very grateful and very thankful that they entertained Sy in a much greater manner than he is accustomed.

This was my favorite picture. You can tell that he is uncomfortable and pining for his people.


I’m pretty sure he would like to visit again.

Thank you Farm Dogs, for taking in our juvenile delinquent!


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