I Thought They Looked Familiar!


It is not uncommon for me to run into people I know. My friends can vouch for this. Because I regularly run into people, I tend to look through crowds, you never know!

We left for Florida on February 20. Checked our luggage, went through security and when I sat down to put my shoes on I saw a young man with a guitar case on his back who looked familiar. He walked back and forth in front of me a couple times, then a young lady, also with a guitar case, went dashing by. She looked familiar too!

At some point it dawned on us that it was the kids from the top 24 on American Idol! Not ALL of them, but 8-10! After we went into the terminal we had to stop and wait for a phone call and who was stopped just across the way? The kids from American Idol, again!

The fellow on the left with the glasses was the first one I saw.


Then the blonde with the guitar at her feet. I think her name was Alexis Gomez. Sad to say, neither of them made the top 12, but the young guy to the right of her did!


And so did the fellow on the right with the hair!!!


And so did Tyanna, who might just be my favorite so far!!!!!


After Mousey covertly took some pictures, we got our phone call, and proceeded to McDonalds for some breakfast. No judgment please, not our favorite either. Guess who walked in behind us? The kids from American Idol!!!!!

There were even more of them than before!!! But, alas, no more pictures 😦   They were all laughing and joking, clearly life was swell for them at that moment.

We still had no idea why they were there until Honey read the paper he had brought from home. It explained that they were in town for two episodes of Idol that were filming at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit. Ahhhh, that explained it!


We are familiar with The Fillmore, we went to our cousins wedding there last May.


There is the stage where they preformed.


View of the stage with musicians on it, with Honey and Aunt Phyllis dancing in front of it.


There above Beeve’s head is the door that Ryan Seacrest walked through at the beginning of the show, it was right next to our dinner table! You also get to see my People.probably  throwing down to Beyonce.


The only reason I even noticed the door at all was because they had a woman posted there ALL NIGHT and she looked mucho uncomfortable. She kept lifting one foot, twirling at the ankle, then repeating with the other. She had my sympathies.  The only reason I could think for having her there was the door needed to be unlocked to be a fire exit, but they didn’t want anyone dropping in to crash the wedding. You can barely see her shadow over Beeves shoulder.

So there you have it, our close brush with less than D list celebrities!!!!


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  1. I watched AI for the first time this season last night! It’s a pretty cool show! No one…even D-listers visits WV though… 😦
    I’m a little jealous of your brush with stardom!


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