Hi Guys! I feel a little off the grid this week. The Boy and The Dane are here, we have had 2 sets of other company, and BSF started back up after a break. Just trying to get back into the swing of things. How about a list?

I had my yearly visit to the lady doctor. I am officially in menopause. She asked how I was managing and really, my only complaint is hot flashes. She asked if I was interested in hormone replacement therapy and I said I was not. I have taken a couple supplement kinds of things with not a ton of success. She recommended Rhubarb extract and said she had heard good reports on it. I’m game to try.

I have seen two kinds online. An expensive one,

It appears to be a dollar a pill.

And Siberian rhubarb, which appears to be the same thing but gives you 200 pills for the same price, which leads me to believe one is paying for the Metagenics name.

I did read that Siberian rhubarb is different from American rhubarb, as the latter causes diarrhea, and lets be honest, we would probably rather have hot flashes than that!

I also read this while researching rhubarb:

Along with hot flashes and night sweats, memory problems are a common complaint of menopausal women. Now a new study finds evidence that menopause “brain fog” may be real.

Was I ever GLAD to read THAT!!!!!!!

I seriously thought I might have been experiencing some early onslaught senility or something!

It has a name, BRAIN FOG!

I have always been somewhat forgetful but this was a whole new and frustrating level.

I will let you know how it goes.

Keelyody and I had our first walk of the 2015 season this morning! It will be good to meet and talk and start solving all those world problems that have been languishing since we last hoofed it around her neighborhood.

Plus, our bodies could use the exercise.

Plus, plus, maybe it will help me sleep a little better. That would be magical,.

One of my favorite tv programs is back on! Welcome back Who Do You Think You Are? I have missed you so!

Honey and I had a date to get our taxes done. Glad that is finished, he doesn’t like that hanging over his head.

I heard a rumor that The Mitten might experience temps in the 60s next week! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

On that happy note, have a wonderful weekend!.


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  1. Kelly I o love that shoe “Who Do You Think You Are”. When I first saw the title name I thought it meant WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! (you know kind of negative and one of those reality shows where the people act like savages). I have talked with my cousin and wish the show would wisk us away to Poland so we can try to find out more about my dad’s family that were mostly killed in the Holocaust I am eager for its return..


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