Hi Guys, how about a Friday, tie up all the loose ends, list?

I am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that next week is APRIL! Where did March go?? What was I doing???!

Let’s start with Monday. I got my hairs cut and I LOVE it!!!!!!! I don’t have a picture, and at the moment I look like the wreck of the Hesperus, but perhaps tomorrow I will sneak in a co-shot with the internet star of The Weekly Sy. Me and my cute new do, along with my old lady hand and our catten who sometimes needs to be incarcerated.

Did you see the part about the old lady hand? I so graciously send sometimes nightly pictures of Sy to Jip the Farm Dog and her husband Jaw, to ease the pain of their loss. They had him a week and they will never get over me stealing him back home.

Anyway, I send them adorable pictures of a sleeping/cuddly Sy and Jaw’s only comment is, “look at her old lady hand!” Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

Speaking of Jip, I have to give her props for sliding a Borg reference into her BSF lecture!!!!! She briefly mentioned Star Trek, oh yes she did!!! Whether anyone else noticed it? I do not know, but I laughed OUT LOUD.

Speaking again of Jip, our lesson this week covered Balaam and his talking donkey. A strange story to be sure. One of her points was that God can be infinitely creative in getting our attention. How often do we continually ignore God’s guidance and do what we want? Are we so dense that WE need a talking donkey to tell us to stop?

I confess. Sometimes I need a donkey.

One of her principles was “False teachers cannot stop God from blessing His people.”. This is good to know when false teachers abound. If someone is teaching contrary to God’s true word they are a false teacher. That’s why WE need to know what God’s word says. I want to be blessed, I’m going to look for myself.

Speaking of blessing, Trenda, our new class administrator, said something at our Wednesday leaders meeting that was very helpful to me. Our study next year is the book of Revelations. The last book of the Bible is one that I have not read much. It’s full of hard subjects, judgment and strange talk. Plus it is a lightning rod for people who like to argue about interpretations and I don’t like that kind of atmosphere. I was not looking forward to it. I am a literal thinker and I don’t get stories about horses and bowls, allegories and prophesy.

All that to say I am apprehensive. But Trenda mentioned a verse right at the beginning of Revelation that makes it all more bearable to me.


We will be BLESSED for reading and hearing and taking it to heart. Ok, I can do that!

It doesn’t say that I will be blessed only if I am able to say with complete confidence that I have full understanding of everything I have read. I have to do my part and God will do the rest. Count me IN!

Speaking of BSF class administrators, I have mentioned on the blog that our previous CA Miss Mattie has been in Texas with her husband who suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this year. We learned that he passed away on Wednesday night. We are all praying for God’s peace and comfort to be surrounding our Friend and her family. 

Honey and I went to a financial planning meeting for retirement. It was the second one I have attended and I must be listening more than I think because the guy wasn’t talking complete gibberish.

We had Birthday Club last night, which reminded me of this that I saw over on The Big Mama blog.


Is that about the truest thing EVER??!!

Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends. We solve a lot of world problems, help carry a lot of burdens, listen to a lot of fears and hopes, tell a lot of funny stories and lift each other up with a lot of prayers. Girlfriends are a kiss on the cheek from a really good God!

We have been trying to grill some steaks all week. What is the problem you ask? Neither Honey nor I can remember to get the propane tank filled. Seriously ALL WEEK. Honey remembered to do it this morning on his way home from work. I love that man.

The Siberian Rhubarb pills I ordered off Amazon should be here early next week. I look forward to testing them for the hot flashes that have decided that I am not allowed to have a good nights sleep again. Ever.

It was 20 degrees this morning and I just saw a snowflake. That Spring is a liar.

I will be back tomorrow with our delinquent cat.


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