As Promised


Hi Guys! Hope you had a weekend that had some fun involved!

We ate out a couple of times and finally made that banana pudding we have had a hankering for since we had some in Florida. Considering I have not made it in decades, if ever, the girls and I thought it was pretty good! Honey said it was too much for him. I questioned him further on this. Was it too sweet, too much banana, too much pudding? No he said I gave him too much. I reminded him that he didn’t have to eat it ALL!

We have a new movie that we seem to watch whenever we come across it. Pitch Perfect, about a couple of a cappella college groups. That would not normally be a draw for me but the songs are a tiny bit addicting. It has been on A LOT lately, probably because Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out soon and they want to remind us how much we liked the first one? Don’t you, forget about me…..don’t don’t don’t don’t …don’t you forget about me.

Here are my new hairs!!!


I am LOVING them and I have received so many compliments that it confirms my suspicion that I was looking like an old hag.

I did not intend for this to be a list but it appears it is what we have. I have two proper posts that need to be written. I will work on them, I promise. One is a visit from Honey’s People, whom we affectionately refer to as The Canadians. The other is about an incident Mousey had at work. I should get cracking.

It sunny and beautiful this morning and 38!!!!! That may not seem like a cause for celebration but if it’s already 38 at 9:00 in the morning it could be in the 50s or, dare I say it. 60s by this afternoon!!!!!!!

I am trying not to get overexcited. This is Michigan and it snowed yesterday, I need to just simmah down now.

The Grandpa is driving home from his Florida trip today and tomorrow, join me in praying him home safe and sound?

I am down to my last bottle of DaVinci sugar free chai. A moment of silence please, and a prayer for strength.

There is a reason and here is why, I have another 6 month urology appointment in April. These have turned into an x-ray, a little doctor pep talk and a refill on the antibiotics that I have been taking for the last 2 years.

I can tell that the doctor does not know what else to do and he is ready to be done with me. If that is the case, I will thank him for his time and effort, explain that I will not be returning, and be on my way.

I am not comfortable being on antibiotics for this long, or comfortable having an infection in my body, that affects my kidneys, that they cannot find.

I have several friends at BSF who have been going to a couple of natural health places with very good results. These friends have had real, medication inducing, serious, life altering problems and these doctors have listened to them and suggested supplements and nutrition to help them overcome their difficulties. And they have seen results!!!

The way I see it is if they can’t help me to get off antibiotics, at least they can give me supplements to help support my body from the effects of all the antibiotics.

It’s worth a try

All that to say, I am positive that the natural health doctors will say to omit artificial sweeteners. The chai is made with Splenda. If I am going to give these doctors a real shot I am going to have to follow their instructions to the tee. Therefore I don’t need a brand spanking new order of chai taunting me in our pantry.

The goals today are to vacuum, dust and work on the Bible study lessons. I have already heard from The Ab-Cat that BSF is requiring much reading, or skimming, as they call it.

Go forth and do Monday.


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  1. Wow! That hair looks great on you! (And I’ll join you in praying for “Grandpa” as he drives home.) Let me know how the natural doctor visit goes for you. I may want to check them out.


  2. Your new hair cut is great!! I can’t imagine you looking like an “old hag” because you are young and lovely…the new cut is quite ‘hip’ however! Excellent. Prayers offered for safe travels. Please let us know when ‘grandpa’ gets home safely! Let us know in a follow-up how the new natural doctors do for you!!


  3. LOVE your hairs! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
    Yep, time to find a new doc… good luck and prayers for you. Prayers for you Dad’s safe return to The Mitten too.


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