Low Carb Pancakes!


I was trying to do the post about our visit with The Canadians, but yahoo is being a hater today and I cannot retrieve the pictures I need.

So let’s talk about pancakes!

The low carb lifestyle, that I try to adhere to, is always most problematic when it comes to bread type things and dessert. Because I am a big fan of bread type things and dessert. It is always a good day when you find a lower carbed recipe for something familiar and loved.

A couple weeks ago I had such a day! A gal named Hailey sat next to me at our BSF leaders meeting. We happened to be having a fellowship that day so we ate lunch together too. She said she had forgotten her lunch that morning and had gone out to her car to scavenge the leftovers from her 2 young daughters on the go–in the car breakfasts.

One of the things she had were what she called crepes, or pancakes, made with cottage cheese and eggs. I am familiar with this combination from another recipe, but had never considered making pancakes! I asked her if I could have the recipe and she rattled it off on the spot!

She said whole wheat flour but I was out so I used a combination of mostly coconut flour and a little white. I don’t see why you couldn’t go totally low carb and use fine almond meal. I added the flax meal because I try and add that where ever I can.


Everything in the blender.


These are the most real looking and normal textured pancakes I have ever tried in all of my low carbing experience! The batch made about 16 typical sized pancakes, so pretty good for a 1/2 cup of some type of flour, and you could probably monkey with it and reduce the amount further.


Definitely a keeper!

Give them a whirl and tell me what you think!


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