The Canadians


A couple weeks ago we had a fine time with Honey’s People, also known as The Canadians!

Honey was born and raised across the river but has almost lived in the U.S. as long as he lived in Canada. We don’t get over there nearly as often as we should, but thankfully we get to see his sister Rachel and her husband Kenny a little more frequently because of Kenny’s little addiction to e-bay.

The stars and the moon aligned and the whole crew were available to come for dinner!!! I will show you everyone, then break it down by family units.

Standing from left are Turtle, Rachel (aka Nanny), Kenny (aka Papa). Seated from left are Kim, wife of Turtle, holding their new peanut Parker, their firstborn Spencer, next is Peter holding his bunny Paisley and his wife Queeny B holding their firstborn Burke, also known as He WHO KNOWS ALL ABOUT GREEK MYTHOLOGY! That boy has an impressive mind for facts!!!!!


Queen B’s family! Paisley is probably around the age her Mama was when I first met her!


Turtle’s peeps! And Spencer is just a smidge younger that his Daddy was when I met him!!


We were VERY excited to meet Parker! He turned one at the end of March and he spent his evening being passed around like a football! What a precious little guy, he just rolled with it. Most impressive considering he had never seen 6 of us in his life!


This picture right here reminds me of a picture I have seen of Honey when he was a boy. A rather impish grin!


First introduction,


first time hearing the world famous balloon noise.


he liked it!!!!! In the interest of full disclosure, Honey and I were outside last week talking to our neighbor who was watching her 6 month old niece. Honey made the world famous balloon noise and that baby cried! First time he has ever had that reaction!!!!





Young Spencer was my big helper! He was the pizza chef and I was ever so impressed with his skills! Neat as a pin and did an excellent job handling all of the steps!!!!!!! A most conscientious baker!


Seymour was a big hit with the younger set! He was a very good boy, played well with the kids and kept his teeth to himself. Good to know!


Mousey and Paisley had a braiding session.


The kids wore that cat slap out, he slept like a stone.


We had a song from Paisley, as you do when there is a performer in the family!


It was wonderful to see them all and meet the newbie! Most of them had not met The Dane, so it was an all around win!


Come again Northern Family, eh?!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the nice comments and pictures We had a good time and the dinner was delics we are lucky we could all go and meet the family could meet the Dane My hope we could do it more often Thank you again for the great night it filled my heart and we love all of you Rachel


  2. Wow…what fun…as soon as I saw the title The Canadians…I was hooked, my Dad was born in Canada, but USA became home we used to visit way up north when I was young.


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