The Weekly Sy


This is either a little late from last week or a little early for the current one, take your pick. We had a beautimous spring like day last week, complete with sunshine, and warm-ish summery breeze. I thought Sy might like to have himself a little sniff.

Boy, did he ever, he could not get close enough to that window! I left it open for a bit but it was not as warm-ish as I had thought and it became apparent that it was not quite open window weather.


I did learn an important fact. I think Sy is a screen pusher. Our big old boy Mocha was also a screen pusher and he finally pushed himself a doorway in the sliding glass door at our old house .I think Honey will have to come up with something that will prevent this from happening at this house. We back up to a field and I don’t want any uninvited guests..

He was obsessed.


He is clearly torn about his interest in the outdoors. When you open the front door he bolts in fear. We will see how it goes.


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  1. Believe it or not….there is actually pet-friendly screening that you can buy. I re -did all of our screens a few years ago using it (found it at Lowe’s). It is not easily torn and has some ‘give’ to it when they push against it. Re-screening windows isn’t too hard, but it does take time and some muscle. I LOVE Sy’s position in that first photo! Aren’t they amazing?


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