Hello…tap, tap, tap?


Hmmm, I never really intended to take a blogging break but it appears that is what happened. The only thing I can say is life is often full and consuming, as well as heavy and sad, and all can make for less than optimum blogging conditions.

How about a little catch up list?

I try to always be open and honest about what I share in this space, but not everything is for public consumption, not everything is my story to tell. Some things are better told in hindsight, after the dust of perspective has settled.

As I reread the above sentences it sounds like our family is in turmoil. We are not. Well, The Boy is, but his ongoing health issues are not unknown to you all.

Speaking of The Boy, he has been taking a chemo pill for several months now. While his counts are somewhat improved (40s as opposed to 6, but far less than the normal 150 to 400), he has been very much laid low with side effects. As you can imagine, his quality of life has suffered . His doctor did lower the dose and life has resumed again.

It will be a year in May since his chronic ITP has come out of remission. The last time this happened his platelets were seriously out of control for about 15 months. I know the doctors want his health to be restored and they are trying everything they know to help him. I am thankful for this, but we are going over their heads and asking The One who created The Boy to intervene. The Great Physician knows what triggers the ITP and He knows what turns the switch off. Prayers are much appreciated.

Y’All, it’s spring in The Mitten!!!!!!! That is 7 exclamation marks because 7 is God’s number!!

I made the switch from boots to sandals and I am NOT going back!

I haven’t worn a coat in 2 weeks. Some days this was risky and or unwise, but I lived to tell.

It’s a total God thing to go from sad, brown, dirty, ugly Michigan to fresh, clean, budding, GREEN Michigan! Really, it happens every year! Spring is a kiss on the cheek from a really good God.

Honey only worked 8 hours a day last week and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! (7!)

It didn’t carry over to this week, but it was so nice and there could be more to come!

He slept AND got some things crossed off his to do list, it was a beautiful thing.

I hope this keeps up through the summer, maybe we will actually ride those bikes we take down from over the garage every summer and put back up, un-ridden.

I went to a bridal shower for Capri Deb and BFG’s daughter Jaclyn on Sunday! It was such a nice gathering of lovely people from all walks of their life. I know there are some who complain about showers but I am not one of them. What’s not to love about celebrating a happy event, opening awesome presents, eating yummy food and visiting with nice people???

And Capri Patt was there! She is back from her winter home in Florida and was I ever glad to hug her neck!!!!!!!

There was one sad thing about that shower. These are Mrs. Schmenkman’s people, and Mrs. Schmenkman was not able to make it 😦

But she and Mr. C will be here for the wedding at the end of May 🙂 !!!!!!!

Speaking of that shower, there was a gal there that I went to high school with! How weird is that?

She is a good friend of the groom’s mother.

I was not expecting to see someone there from my volleyball team and graduating class! From 35 years ago! Small world.

I guess that is enough for today. Hopefully I will get my groove back, I really have to record our life here, it’s about the only memory I have left anymore!


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  1. Was so good to have you at the shower, dear friend! I enjoy showers too, chance to be with those I love and celebrate! Prayers for the boy continue for remission and health….my heart aches for all of you.


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