To Nana and Papa’s House We Go.


I went out to visit my Father and his wife Marilyn a couple weeks ago. Since my Dad has been a little house bound lately, he had not been out to get his hairs cut, and all those hairs were bugging him.

Since he was a barber in a previous life, he had some of the tools of the trade kicking around. It was a nice day so we took it outside. It was a little windier than I thought and I caught some of those hairs smack in the face, as did his dog Teddy, who ate them ON PURPOSE!!!!!

He was very glad to get those tufts behind his ears removed!


There he is, looking all handsome and freshly shorn, lounging with his hair eating dog!


I also tried to help Marilyn with a few tech problems she had been having with her iPad. Which is really sort of funny when you think about it because I am a technological id-jit. We did manage to get her Facebook photo changed, and we were very proud of ourselves! Looking good Nana!


The Boy was home for the weekend to pick up his car and we decided to go and pay Nana and Papa a little visit.


While there, he fixed the biggest problem Marilyn and I were previously having with her iPad, changing her password so she could download apps. Like Instagram!!!!!  The Boy said he was very good at that particular change because he had to do it regularly for some reason that I have already forgotten.

Marilyn and I got that all set up, straightened her around on Pinterest and took some pictures while The Boy and Papa got caught up on things.

One of Marilyn’s Instagram photos!


The Boy took this picture of their 1 1/2 year old pup, my younger brother Teddy, child of my Father’s old age. He keeps them hopping and laughing, and just generally makes life fun!


She is on fire now, she has posted one all by herself!


Who knows what we will accomplish on the next visit!


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