Almost May


Things are winding down around here. May signals a switch in schedules.

This is the last class week at BSF. Next week will only be a leaders fellowship and Sharing Day with the class, where the members share what God has shown them this year in our study of the life of Moses.

I know He has shown me a lot. Mainly that in my heart I can be an unfaithful, stiff necked Israelite. It’s a constant battle my Friends.

Mousey will be finished with her semester after Monday of next week, WOO HOO!!!!!!!

The Dane will graduate from Moody next month, DOUBLE WOO HOO!!!!!!!

As things wind down, other things ramp up. Like yard work.

Last weekend Honey mentioned that he had better get the lawnmower out of the shed and up and running.

Spring is trying to happen.

When I look out at our front and back yard I see a bit of work.

And possibly another hedge of death. 😦

Speaking of our backyard, we saw a raccoon last weekend, walking on our rock wall, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!!!!!

It was very big and fluffy and CUTE!

I am looking forward to going to the favorite flower place!!! That always makes me happy!

I have a seed project that I will tell you about soon. I am gathering supplies in preparation.

Have a good, definite spring day.


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