The Weekly Sy


There is a story behind this. Earlier in the day Halle Berry had been napping comfortably on this very pillow. Sy could not help himself and began to badger her mercilessly, causing much hissing and snorting, growling and general ugliness. She eventually left her pillow to give chase.

After the flying fur settled, look who was on the pillow. He’s a punk.


He’s a night snuggler. An all night snuggler. He sets up shop…


…and stays. Hmmm, who is that Mousey Girl texting with?


We have had ourselves a bit of sunshine in The Mitten this week!!!!! All of the kitties could be found soaking it up in their own little spots.

Sy has discovered he likes this chair a lot.


Because it’s where Halle Berry can normally be found. Of course.


Still a punk.


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