Farmer Capri Kel


Every summer The Peanuts Champ, The Backdoor Neighbor and I hit up The Trailwood Garden Walk. We see beautimous yards, interesting arrangements of all sorts of growing things and at the end they have a perennial sale that benefits the Trailwood Garden Club, where my Mother was a longtime member.

For the last few years I have bought a hyacinth bean plant. I saw it on one of the last walks my Mom and I ever went to. Pretty green leaves, delicate purple flowers and at the end of the season, pods. I like to put them on a trellis on our backyard gate.

The garden walk is usually at the end of June, so this does not give my newly purchased hyacinth bean vine much time to grow, grow, GROW from the right side and the left side to meet up for a party at the top!!!


With Schmenky’s guidance, I saved some of the pods and decided to start my own earlier, in hopes of a more beautious hyacinth bean, party at the top, growing experience!

I started with the bean pods collected last year. I’m going to be honest, they were not all good. I’m not sure why, but some were a little…furry? Not sure why. There were enough good ones that looked like watermelon seeds or little bitty marshmallow pies, so I used them and threw out their fuzzy siblings.


They were soaked in water overnight.


I had saved egg cartons for planting. I filled them with dirt I found in the garage. In a BAG, not dirt lying around on the garage floor. Just clarifying.


I then laid a seed in each spot, pushed it down with the bottom of a chopstick, and then spooned water over all 54 seed babies. I think I will save some of the little containers that you get when you buy plants for next years planting. I think the beans could probably use a little more space to wiggle their toes. Maybe by the time these guys need more space I will have some.


Ok, grow now!!!


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