From Dillon to D.C.


Every Monday night Honey and The Ab-Cat go to BSF, and before their study they go to dinner. Their own special trip!

Mousey and I have been having our own special trip, right in our very own home!

We have been REwatching one of our favorite television shows, yes, every Monday night we go to Dillon Texas.

We are currently almost at the end of the last season of Friday Night Lights. Because we have seen it before, we know how it ends and we are content, but we are sad because we will not have a favorite television show to watch when we have a free evening. We did discuss just starting back at the beginning. We seriously discussed it.

Yesterday was Mousey’s last day of her semester. In celebration she wanted to relax and watch some tv. She said she had found us a new show to watch. Bones.

Well, it’s very different from our friends in Dillon, but it kind of reminds me of my other television friends, the crime solving gang from CSI Miami! We like to try and figure out the killer and/or what happened to the victim before the end of the show. So far, so good!

An added bonus, Netflix has TEN seasons and the show is still in production! That ought to keep us busy for a while!

BUT, even though we like it, we still have to say, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Texas Forever.


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  1. My latest Netflix addiction is Gilmore Girls. Never watched it while current on TV but I am totally loving it now. Total sarcasm and witty comebacks. If you have never seen it, you would love it.


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