Moses in a Nutshell


Yesterday I completed my fifteenth year of BSF. How did I ever live life without it?

The last day is what is called Sharing Day. This is where the ladies have a mere three minutes to collect their thoughts and share the things that they have learned or how they have seen the Lord working in their lives through the study.

This year we studied The Life Of Moses. This is the third time I have done this study and I am here to tell you that each time God has taught me something (many things) new. I like that about God. He doesn’t just dump everything on us all at once. Who could absorb that? He shows us what He wants us to see at just the right time. Right where we are living at that precise moment. He is an on time God.

The first time I did the study it was overwhelming. It was piecing together a lot of stories that I had heard about all my life, but had not studied in a consecutive order.

Moses, the baby in the basket, Pharaoh and the plagues, The departure of the Israelites from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, wandering for 40 years in the wilderness, the tabernacle and finally entering the promised land. All those flannel graph stories were liberally sprinkled with ideas from The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

All of those stories are amazing, but HOW those stories are woven together is also amazing.

The second time through the study I had a better working knowledge of the story, so I could focus on other aspects. Like How the Tabernacle and the sacrifices showed us our need for a permanent solution for our sin problem. All of those perfect animals sacrificed for the sins of the people were temporary, they had to be repeated over and over. The blood of the animals covered their sins for a time, but had to be offered again and again because we never stop sinning. Everything about the story of the Tabernacle points to Jesus and His work on the cross. It says in God’s Word that there can be no forgiveness of our many, many, over and over sins without the shedding of blood. Jesus was our perfect animal, His blood covered our sins once and for all.

That was a very important lesson to grasp.

This time around He showed me other things. Far too many to cover them all here. Here are a few.

I was so struck by how Moses took EVERYTHING to the Lord. God was his go to guy. His first response. The Friend he took his troubles to.

All three times I have been struck by God’s patience with His people, but this time especially. Because those Israelites? OH.My.Word!!!!!!! They were a stiff necked, unfaithful people. And me?? I am a stiff necked, unfaithful person too. But God was and IS so forgiving! I need to confess my sin and go and try and live an obedient life. And do it again, and again, and again, until I get to heaven and my awful sin nature is REMOVED.

Obedience brings blessing. Or blessing follows obedience. However you like, just LIKE.

I don’t usually think of myself as a complainer. The whole “no whining” thing and all, but in my mind I am a complainer. There I said it, my name is Capri Kel and I am a big mind complainer. Complaining is a sin against God and really, that’s all I need to say about that. Why was it so easy to see that quality in those stubborn Israelites and forget that it is my tendency too?  I have now learned this lesson THREE TIMES. I am fairly certain I will RElearn it again the next time we study Moses.

My very favorite thing about Moses was he was not a perfect person, but God still used him to do His will. He made serious mistakes in his life. He did not start out as a man of great faith, he learned these things as he walked with God. That is so comforting to me! I am SO not there, but I am walking, step by step, year by year until my time here is done.

There you have it, some of what I learned this year about Moses in a nutshell.


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  1. I wish you had a big ol'” love this” button I could hit at the end of your post. It seems like every post here lately has just spoke to me and todays is no different. Thank you.


  2. Great post! You make me want to do another Bible study that pulls it all together like that. I loved doing it several years ago and seeing how the Old Testament and New are all connected in a very real time-line. It was eye-opening (mind-opening) for me. Thanks for the reminder!


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