What’s Been Going On


Hi Guys! Hope you had a loverly weekend, I know I did!

Spent some quality time with my people, TWO yummy dinners, dessert, and a phone call from The Boy, what’s not to love?

Love is exactly the word for The Ab-Cat’s card! This is what Sy does when he is making biscuits on my belly, except his head is on my chest. He has deep seated issues. Deep seated mommy issues.


The hyacinth bean plants have sprouted!!! Only about 10 out of 50 something, but hey, there are more seeds where those came from. I put them outside in the sun the other day and they all the sudden stretched and greeted the world. That God, He is a wonderful Maker!

Hoping to transplant them soon so they can GROW, Baby, GROW!


This is Mousey’s friend The Usher. They have been “talking” for about a month now. They met at church, where he, you know, ushers. They are both glad classes are over for the semester. He is a busy landscaper for the summer, making as he calls it, dat green paper.


I went to church with The Girls at their new church last Sunday because I didn’t feel like sitting solo at our church on Mothers Day. While there I ran into some BSF friends. Heifer Lynn and Dear Sandra and her husband Bill, who totally takes credit for getting Mousey and The Usher “talking”.

Thanks Bill, because of your intervention we now have this Patriots fan hanging around. He is a good fit because he also enjoys laughing, eating, ice cream, and sitting around and visiting. He says he doesn’t like movies but we are going to try and fix that over the summer.


There you go Ush, you’re on the blob!!!!!

I puttered in the yard yesterday after the morning walk with Keelyody. Did some weeding, removed more dead stuff (another hard winter is whittling away life over here), and contemplated some changes. Changes involving lilacs, peonies and possibly some knockout roses, along with removal of some things I am not loving. Those changes require Honey’s assistance so I don’t know if they will be  happening this summer or not. I have a feeling that the bulk of Honey’s energy is going to be focused on the decks. Because those decks? ARE A DISASTER!

I think I will be ready to go to the favorite flower store with Jip the Farm Dog next week. What say you Jip? The thought of coleus, zinnia and lantana is dancing in my head!

We have been having buckets of rain lately. Every thing is squishy and muddy gush out there. Sy is not a fan of the heavy downpour. REALLY not liking all the nature.

Ok, I must git. Hoping my walking shoes have dried out from yesterdays puttering.

Have a dry day.


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