Hedge of Death Part Dos


The Hedge of Death was back this spring. Another harsh winter equals another 180 feet of green-free sticks.

Honey called around to get folks to come out and chop it. No one called him back.

So, because we are married and have to do everything together, there we were, cutting, moving, and feeding everything through a rented wood chipper.


So many bushes, so much death.


Right down to the nubbin.


A hats off and big thank you to The Usher for helping us chip the last bunch, after he had already cleaned up from his usual landscaping job! We paid him in dinner.

Speaking of The Usher and his skillz, he started his own side business. If any of you locals have some landscaping needs, we can recommend a hardworking young man to help!




And after.

The growing has already begun. And with all the buckets of rain we have had around here lately it may grow by leaps and bounds!


Maybe next year we will have a real hedge instead of just a boundary line between our yard and the field. Cutting it down to the quick every year is kind of defeating the purpose of having a hedge.


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