Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


Hi Guys! I have been out of the loop for a while, it feels good to be back! A big thank you to our hostess Joyce who keeps on plugging along even though she is MOVING and a little homeless at the moment!!!

1. June is National Great Outdoors Month. Have you spent any time appreciating the great outdoors this month? If so where, and if not do you have any plans to enjoy the great outdoors before the calendar turns?

I have been outdoors doing a lot of yard work this month! That might not be exactly what you were looking for.
2. What’s a current hot button issue for you?
Hmmm, nothing is coming to mind.

3. What’s a food or treat that ‘disappears like hotcakes’ in your house?

Donuts, ice cream, and chips are the favored treats amongst my people.
4. How hot is too hot?

Y’All, I can barely do summer any more! I feel like I am going to spontaneously COMBUST! I blame the hormonies. I have decided that hot with high humidity is WAY worse than plain hot.
5. Do you have an artistic outlook on life? What does that mean to you?

I know a lot of people who have that outlook, and I am going to have to say that I do not have it. I think it involves having creativity inspire everything you do. It’s a talent of looking at a bunch of raw materials and turning them into something beautiful or functional. It’s a way of thinking and viewing and action, all bound together.

I don’t have “the eye”, I copy.
6. What’s one question you’d like to ask your father, or one you wish you could ask your father?

Since my father passed away last month, I have actually thought about this. I remember when my mother died I had a nagging fear that I would never be able to ask her anything again. I don’t know what I wanted to ask, but I wasn’t going to be able to. There have been a few things that I would have liked to talk to her about, but for the most part, it’s been ok.

I have some questions for my father that I would have liked to know the answers to, but they are not something I could share here. They were more important to me years ago, I have mostly made peace with not knowing. .
7. Something you learned from your father?

When I was a new driver my father taught me to not just look at the car in front of you, but keep your eyes on the traffic ahead of them. It was good advice, sometimes the car in front of you is not paying attention and because I was looking further, I avoided a problem! I think he said his own father taught him that, and I know I have said it to our kids.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Now for the Way Back When-sday portion of the post.

Here are some pictures of my father from 1990 with a baby Ab-Cat, his first granddaughter.


I guess when I think of him I picture him around this age. Could that little girl BE any sweeter?


And about 12-13 years later. Same guy, same gal.


This was taken of my father and I at his parents 50th wedding anniversary party in the late 70s. Oh, to be so young again!


Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Holy smokes! Does he ever look like Steve – or Steve looks like him as it goes. Steve can know exactly what he’ll look like as he ages.


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