Trying To Throw The Groove Back Into Place


Guys, it’s hard to recapture a thrown groove. What has happened to my blog??? It’s like I forgot I have one!

I am going to blame the hormonies again, because I am shifting all blame there these days anyway.

Since I am NEVER going to catch up, how about a sprawling list to try and encompass some of the doings?

Capri Deb and BFG’s daughter Jaclyn married her Honey on May 30! Deb and BFG put in many hours of work making their already beautiful yard even more beautimous for the reception! And then it started to rain, and rain, and then it rained. And after that it torrentially rained!. You can read about it over at Mrs. Schmenkman’s here and here.

Everyone kept saying that rain on your wedding day was lucky, well, I am hear to tell you that this is THE LUCKIEST couple around!!! Many blessings and much love to Jaclyn and Kevin!!!!

It was wonderful celebrating with Schmenky’s family, we love them to bits!

LOOK, Capri’s, all gathered together!!! Minus Capri Laurie who had already caught an ark home!


Remember these guys? My hyacinth bean project?


They are doing very well! The one little fella on the left has a shoot reaching for a toehold on the trellis! I think next year I will start them growing even sooner than May.


I have no idea how this happened, but there were a few bean volunteers growing in this pot, like it was Tennessee or something. I will switch them soon, maybe I will let them get a little more viney in the pot. Oh hush spellcheck, viney is too a word.


We had some company! Our favorite adopted son Elyk,, who moved to Moline Il. last November to be a youth director, came for a visit with his new friend Pug Mama! It was really good to see this guy again and get caught up on life and such! We miss him hanging around over here!


And Pug Mama was a pleasure to have, come again!


My brother Beeve has been having some health issues lately, his giant heart is marching to its own improper beat. He has had some procedures to try and correct this electrical problem. I toted him to an appointment last week and he took this glamorous selfie that I put on the instagram, for the whole wide world to see. Ahhh, the genes of our father’s people are strong within us. 


Berfore Honey went to work last night he asked me if I could help him put the pool cover on. As he bent over to grab the cover, ploop, his phone fell out of his pocket, right into the pool!


The first thing I did was laugh, because I just kept replaying it over in my mind. PLOOP!

We dried it off and stuck it in rice, which I read somewhere was the correct thing to do. So far, it’s not working. It’s hard to get terribly upset though, that phone has to be about 8 years old and I’m quite sure we can upgrade the poor thing.

Speaking of breaking things, I think I blew the motor on our blender making banana/berry ice cream 😦  Dag nab it.

I feel like I spend the majority of my time bringing food into our home and taking the trash out, weeding and watering the flower pots and beds and cutting the grass, and sweating. I spend 75% of my day feeling like I want to take the Nestea plunge. My heavy schedule of burning up takes up a huge amount of my time.

Wednesday Hodgepodge is tomorrow, Lets see if I can post two days in a row here.


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  1. Well, it is great to catch up with you!! I’ll look for your Hodgepodge tomorrow! Love the photos you shared, and there is certainly a family resemblance between you and your brother!


  2. CK, you are so entertaining…..glad you are getting back in the groove. Your hyacinth beans are doing really well here. I put them in a big pot with a tomato cage to grow on, no long shoots reaching out yet though. Hope your bros heart starts marching along right and proper.


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