The Day of the Fathers


Is this three days of posting in a row??Oh my GOODNESS, I hardly know myself!

We celebrated Fathers Day on Sunday with my Dad, Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis, Beeve, Stacey and Goomba. Because our family is always perpetually behind in celebrating birthdays, we stapled Honey’s birthday to the Fathers Day wagon.

I have no pictures of Beeve, Bob and Phyl, because they got out of Dodge before all the weirdness started. Here is The Grandpa with his grandkids!


Goomba and his Mama, his father had already left to take a nap before work.


Weirdness starting. I apologize right now for our sons hair. There is just no excuse in the world for that mess.


Our children and their father.


It got worse. Some pictures could not be used.


There they are!!


These guys had a whole bunch of inappropriate photos,


that I could not bring myself to use.


By far the easiest group to work with!


We had a yummy dinner of Chicken Madeira, mashed potatoes and asparagus, with carrot cake for the birthday boy!

It was my Grandma Hoover’s recipe that I altered with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Unless they were lying right to my face, everyone said it was good!


I had to tell Honey how old he was because he told someone he was 57, when he is actually 58. I get that. I have been 37 AND 47 twice.

IMG_2446 (1)

It’s a good thing we have each other, because we are both living with brain fog these days.


There’s my boyfriend, I like his face!!! Happy Birthday/Fathers Day Honey!!!



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  1. Like your boy, my boy’s hair is often a total mess and I think he likes it that way. I would have been mortified…back when I had hair…to have it be a mess but I think it’s cool now!


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