Porch Toad


I have had a back porch toad for several years now. I don’t know if it’s the same fellow, but he makes his summer home in our hose reel.

I have to be very careful getting the hose out, I don’t want to crush him. And I certainly don’t want him to jump out on my foot, because that happened and it was an ugly scene. Honey made fun of me, it’s just a little toad he said. Until he jumped out onto HIS foot, and we had another ugly scene!

The Boy has taken him down to the creek on various occasions, but he always turns back up within a day or two. That’s quite a hike for a toad I’m thinking. Plus up the ramp.

We introduced our porch toad to Goomba when he was over playing. We asked if he wanted to give him a better name than Porch Toad.

He named him Bruno Mars.


As you do.


Hi Bruno, you’re amazing, just the way you are!

I totally lifted these pictures from Mousey and The Ab-Cat’s instagrams.


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  1. Woe to any toad or lizard who get inside our pool screened area because the cats think they are toys. We do occasionally find a lizard inside the hose reel. Sometimes they live and sometimes they don’t. Your Bruno is quite handsome. Frogs are good luck and I like to say they remind us to Fully Rely On God.


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