The Weekly Sy


Today we focus on Sy’s ears. He has most expressive ears that can be good indicators of mood.

The full on Yoda. Can be a sign of spiciness. Or confusion. Or outright naughtiness.


The resting Yoda.


Full on sleep Yoda.


We get the half Yoda a lot.


This is never a natural look. It is always caused by bothering.


Although one ear can be natural, the direct result of grooming.


Happy ears up! Or he could be curious. Or nosy.


Look what he is sporting around his neck, below his ears. A nice jangly collar to impede his stalking of the other felines. It is not very helpful.

It will be helpful if he ever succeeds in his persistent goal of busting out the door. It has our old cat Indi’s name on it, but the phone number is the same.


Let’s hope he never achieves his goal.

Have a good weekend.


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