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Hi Guys, so much for my regular posting schedule! I can’t seem to get myself organized this summer. I think I need a good list to clear my head.

Mousey has been sick for days. Cold, very sore throat and scratchy red eyes. She has been a fixture on the couch with a command station set up on the coffee table holding her necessities like Blistex, Puffs Plus tissues, cherry Halls cough drops and container for her used Puffs. And all the clickers because she has contaminated every single one of them.

She is pitiful. She did decide that yesterday she was feeling a tiny bit better and held off on visiting the doctor.

Saturday was blustery and it rained ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. This is what I saw everywhere I looked.


Mousey likes company when she is sick as a dog, so we have been watching this.


She needed a Bones break. This show is about lying and reading facial expressions and body language to solve crimes or ascertain truth. She said she learned about this in her psych class. We have been quite enjoying figuring out the episodes.

Honey is all about making hummingbird juice. They are like his little bitty children. We think they are telling their friends they have found a good diner.

I can’t believe it is already July! Time just keeps marching on.

Some of us are heading up to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Phyllis’ cottage this holiday weekend. It’s always a good time and every time we go we have to consider it could be the last. They talk about selling every year, but the talk is getting louder and I can understand why they don’t want to care for three places. It will be a sad day when they finally do.

I had a very nice day with Capri’s Deb and Patt when they came to get their hairs cut and colored. We managed a lunch and it was so nice to visit and get caught up! Patt has a brand new grandbaby! I am reminded again that good friends are a kiss on the cheek from God, and I am thankful!

AND! AND! July means I am heading down to Mrs. Schmenkman’s house in Virginia for our annual Memorial Day Extravaganza! Only it won’t be over Memorial Day weekend, because she was up here in The Mitten for her nieces wedding. Y’All, this is our 20th year of gathering!!! Who would have thunk Honey’s sweet present to me one year would have become such a time honored Hootenanny??!! Looking forward to visiting Sassy Cat Hill!

Ok, I need to get myself moving here. Would not be good if my haircuts arrive and I’m still in my jammies.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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  1. Love the photos you shared of all your sleeping lovelies on a rainy day. Hope Mousey starts feeling better soon! Joe and I watched Lie To Me when it was first on TV. Great show!


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