Hi Guys, how about a list?

I have no experience with poison ivy. I know many who have personal knowledge of the scourge, but I have never knowingly seen or touched it. When I saw this growing around our maple tree in the front yard, it gave me pause.


Well, really, this is what gave me pause. It had claws. It looked of the devil. I took this picture and sent it to Mrs. Schmenkman, she is one of those people who have first hand experience with the plague. She said YUP, it was the ivy and gave me detailed instructions for how to handle (on rather not handle) it. I sprayed it this morning with poison ivy spray, now I wait expectantly for its demise, so I can put a bag on my hand and remove it while turning the bag inside out. Kind of like how I used to pick up Katie’s lawn sausages.


That is one ugly customer!

I sent this picture to my brother Beeve. We stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.


This is what we like to call bedtime. Or feeding time at the zoo. The Boy sent me this after observing the event for himself last night.

My evening routine involves a stop in The Ab-Cats bedroom for a kiss goodnight. If Seymour has been out in the family room with me he makes it his mission to race me to her bedroom. If he is already with her, he gets up to join me. The three elder ladies also mosey on back, even if they were in a dead sleep the moment before. They anticipate a treat.

When Sy first came to live with us, a foolproof way to get him to go where you wanted was to jingle the treat jar, He would come running, no matter where he was hiding. The other three quickly learned what this meant and followed suit. They may not care much about what goes on around here but they are ALL care deeply about a treat.

Even if there is no thought in my mind about the treats, they are all there to remind me. It is one time where they are all in very close proximity and there is no hissing or growling. We can all get along with treats.


Come to think of it, ice cream and cake are like that too! Rarely a cross word when enjoying a treat!

Honey has a new hobby. Looking up houses for sale on lakes in Tennessee. I like to look too.

I caught part of Cast Away with Tom Hanks the other night. I haven’t seen it in some time. That is such a good movie! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

I thought this was a very interesting read. about parenting.

Ok, must go and meet Jip the Farm Dog for our walk, we were rained out yesterday. Have a good weekend!


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  1. I just watched castaway the other night too. I had forgotten how cute this was. Benny also has super sonic ears and if the treat jar rattles he will come from wherever he is in an instant. I am sure you were told whatever you do DO NOT Burn the poison ivy,the oil becomes airborne and can be deadly. Scrub yourself thoroughly with soap and a wash cloth after touching. Also scrub down any garden tools etc, the oil can remain on garden tools, clothing etc for many years. I would throw away any gloves you use just in case, maybe even wear clothing you don’t mind tossing. keep your arms and legs covered, and don’t touch your face while working.


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