Many Words Lobbed


I had a busy week! Doctors appointments, working, yard work, and my heavy schedule of bringing food into our house kept me hopping. Oh, and I started a new Bible study at church with The Dane.

That Pricilla Shirer? She is a wonderful speaker and writer! You can listen to her talks here.


Honey is enjoying his new toy! A backpack blower, his birthday/Fathers Day present from his spawn.


Ar ar ar, just like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor! A lot easier than holding one! There’s my boyfriend. I like his face.


My Uncle Bob loaned me this. He said it was a good read before our study of Revelations starts this fall. Everything about Revelations sort of makes me feel uncertain. And a little creeped out. I have been reading it through this summer and I DON’T GET THE HALF OF IT!!!!!!! Bowls and ladies and seals and weird animals. I will be blessed for reading it, I will be blessed for reading it, I will be blessed for reading it…….


This has been the weirdest watering season evah!!!! As in I have barely watered! We have had so much rain that instead of growing like gangbusters, the plants are just crabby in their soggy pots. These guys are happy though! They are under the porch. Brown nosers.


Speaking of crabby, the natural path doctor that I have been seeing asked me to eliminate sugar from my diet because I seem to have a lot of inflammation. This was the week before July 4th. I said I would, forgetting that we were going to be up at my aunt and uncle’s cottage. The natural doctor also asks me to keep a food journal. I was good for the entire week before the holiday, and good the week after, but for the weekend in between I just wrote “YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW”.

I was glad she understood the dilemma. She said she had forgotten that it was the holiday. She asked me to keep it up at the last appt. I whined a little and she said I could have 1 indulgence a week. I also clarified what she meant by NO sugar, and she said she was referring to white sugar, saying I could have small amounts of honey and maple syrup, like in Paleo..

I will now be scouring Pinterest for paleo recipes that I can have to keep myself in check. The honey and maple syrup do not mesh with the low carb lifestyle, but possibly can be included in Paleo because we all know cavemen were good at desserts.

We had ice cream cones last night. There goes my indulgence.

She is also working on my weak thyroid. All I notice about the attention to my thyroid is I am having MORE hot flashes. She said this can be normal as we are flushing “junk” out of my weak, ill functioning thyroid. Lord, please work quickly! 

I chemically straightened The Ab-Cat’s hair last week. She was WAY overdue and was as nappy as all get out. She said last night that it feels SO smooth and she has to keep running her hand over it marveling that there are no bumps! It takes about 3 hours to straighten her massive amount of hairs.

I also highlighted The Dane’s hair last week. She was also WAY overdue and also has massive amounts of hair to foil, and it also takes about 3 hours. They are the two longest procedures that I do and I knocked them out the same week!

I was in a quandary last month. My new chiropractor left the office where he was and moved somewhere else, and I didn’t know where!

A texted my friend Sue, who had recommended me to him, and she said she had not heard this sad news. She texted a few weeks later and said she had gotten a postcard and gave me his new number. Just in the nick of time because I developed a hurty thing in my right hip that is nagging me nigh unto death. I went and saw him at his fancy new place!

At the old place they had a typical traction bed, which consists of a flat bed with a roller ball thingy that rolls up and down your spine with a heated pad underneath it. It is supposed to help you adjust easier. I was always put on it as I have been told that I am a tough nut to crack. At the new place they have big old massaging chairs! OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! I need to get me one of those!

It even gives you an awesome foot and leg massage. It also gives your bum a massage, which if I am being honest was slightly unnerving at first. I managed..

Our internet was out ALL DAY yesterday. It’s like we were cave people. Left to find our own entertainment.

That is probably enough words lobbed at you today. Go forth and do Monday.


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