Several Things You Might Not Need To Know


I can’t believe it is the middle of July! What’s going on here? Said just like Timon from Lion King.

I realized yesterday that I will be at Mrs. Schmenkman’s house in Virginia in ONE WEEK!!! As my Grandma Georgia used to say. “My lands a living’!!!”

Which makes me a little bit excited for all of the shopping, eating, talking and relaxing that will be going on.

Ok, a LOT excited!

I even told my natural path doctor yesterday that I might not be participating in her food journal that week. She eyed me suspiciously and said that I could try and make better choices. Well, I could, but will I is more the question.

Because HELLO, Schmenky makes the worlds best smoothies and they have one of my faves, Sweet Frog frozen yogurt popping up all over her area! For goodness sake, they even have one in her small town.

For the love of all that is decent, please don’t come to my town!

Speaking of the natural doctor, her assistant gave me this last week.


There are only a few joyful things on that list. The rest is just pure sadness.

I believe I mentioned that the Dr asked me to limit white sugar to one indulgence a week. Now I know why. When you first arrive at the office you check in and sit in a waiting room that has a television showing recordings of the lectures they offer for free. As I sat down last week the person was talking about eliminating sugar from your diet. I know the majority of this information since I have followed a low carb lifestyle for many years with, varying degrees of success at certain times. I feel I must admit this fact. As I listened to the lecture with half an ear, I realized that the voice sounded familiar and made the connection that my dr was teaching the class. Ahhhh, that explains it. I got the no sugar doctor!

I usually go to lunch with my friend Marilyn from BSF on the days I go to The Nutritional Health Center because she lives nearby. We have spent many enjoyable hours eating and chatting and she has mentioned that she would like to learn how to bead and scrapbook, which I know how to do!!!!

I brought one of my partially completed scrapbooks yesterday to show her how I like to scrap. Because if she hated my book, I might not be an effective teacher for her, you know. She seemed to like it right fine so when I return from Schmenky’s in a week or so, she is going to come my way because our town has a Hobby Lobby and she said she is a huge fan of The Hobo Lobo!!!!

As I was looking at my book last night I realized how much I love creating them AND paging through them! A page for your viewing pleasure.



Such fun memories of a fun day at Discovery Cove in Florida!

Ok. Going to cut that dang grass that just keeps growing. It’s like a weekly haircut.


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