Just a few things on this beautiful Monday morning, after a truly heinous few days of heat and humidity.

Pinterest often sends me pins that it thinks I may enjoy, based on previous things I have pinned. Sometimes I quite like their suggestions. When they fail, they really fail.

Really Pinterest? When? How? Why? You don’t know me at all. Maybe if that dress was above the knee and we scrapped the pants and boots. Sheesh.


Look who got a new collar!


Little Mister has been wearing a collar this summer because he seems overly interested in the outside, and often lays in wait for an opportunity to barge past unsuspecting inners and outers. We had an old brown one that our last boy cat, Indi, used to wear. It had a deteriorating end that made it a pain to get on and off of him, and if one spends too much time bothering Sy around his neck he gets a little bitey.

On the last cat food run I picked up a new one. It’s a dog collar in a handsome shade of green that matches his Mama’s bedroom. Easy on and off with a click! The cat collars are all too stretchy, which I understand is a protection for them so they don’t end up getting strangled in a tree or something, but the stretchy would not be helpful if one was talking him out in the backyard for a tour of the grounds. The stretchy would be off the first time he resisted the leash and then where would we be?

unnamed (2)

Unfortunately, he is wearing our dead cat’s jingle id and angel kitty charm. So if you see him skirting around the neighborhood, he may not answer to Indi (not that he answers to Seymour), but my name and phone number are still applicable,

The Boy took this selfie. Or is it an US-ie? Or a TWO-ie? He was looking all snazzy in his new Wayne’s World t-shirt. He spent the weekend at home, trying to grow some platelets. His hematologist added some steroids to his chemo pill to try and get things herded in that direction. He went early this morning for a blood draw to see if he needs some IVIG. Hopefully his platelets will be on the rise.


I am going to go down and get my suitcases from the basement later on today in preparation for my visit to Mrs. Schmenkman’s in Virginia! I leave at 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday and arrive at 9:20 a.m., that gives us a full day to do whatever the heck we want!!!!! Have I mentioned that this is the 20th anniversary of our Extravaganza?! That is practically Mousey’s entire life!

The Ab-Cat and I watched a really good movie over the weekend called Woman In Gold. Based on a true story and we highly recommend it.

Ok, must git.


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  1. Can’t wait! Although, do be prepared that our days will be a little disrupted by a certain baby beaver that still needs his bottle.


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