Pot Death and New Life!


I came home from Virginia on Wednesday afternoon. The Ab-Cat picked me up, she is getting to be a professional airport shuttle.

It was hot as blazes in Virginia and it wasn’t any cooler upon arrival in The Mitten. Even though it looked like rain, the first thing I did when we got home was water my plants. My people assured me they watered, but things looked pretty parched.

Remember my beautimous hanging pot?


Nothing but a pot of death now.


In their defense, those pots require daily water and it had been boiling lava hot the whole week. Still, sad face, sniff, sniff.

The other losses were minimal and not very happy even before my trip.

I went to Lowes to see if they had any replacements for the 3 1/2 deaths we suffered. They did not have anything for the pots but I found these babies! Sombrero Salsa Red Coneflowers for $3 each!!!! Very happy with that purchase!


Remember our poison ivy?


The spray finally worked! Now I just have to carefully remove it, so that’s ALL good!!!


I have a couple posts from Mrs. Schmenkman’s house in the works, will hopefully be ready next week. There is always some readjustment after reentry. Errands, unpacking, laundry and such. I must go and plant my coneflowers before it gets too hot and I can’t recover!

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