Sassy Cat Hill


It’s hard to believe I have been home almost a week! It seemed almost as fast as the week I was gone! Mrs. Schmenkman and I both agreed that it was a quick one.

I believe I may have mentioned that it was our 20th year of gathering! We have been fast friends since we began working together at the now defunct Images Salon about 27 years ago, and I am very thankful we have managed to weather the years and distance to remain each others Mrs. Schmenkman!

I just have to say before we move on, defunct is a funny word. Say it out loud. Funny, right?!

You know what Virginia is? Pretty, that’s what. And Schmenky’s little corner is most beautimous! There is every kind of green and color you could ask for. And she not only has a green thumb, she has 4 green fingers. And a green palm.


Her pond is looking spiffy as it collects toads, goldfish and butterflies.


Aren’t they sweet!


Because she has been occupied caring for a baby beaver she has not been able to get her beds the way she thinks they ought to be. She calls this chaos, I rather like it myself.




And she got it out with her HANDS. Both Schmenk and her husband Mr C assured me that black snakes are good snakes.

I will take their word for it but I can’t guarantee I am ever going that close to the chicken coop again! They re-homed it elsewhere in their yard, where it will live to scare the dickins out of Mr C again.


The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from their driveway, just an everyday thing, no big deal.


Her window boxes were blooming their little hearts out, all purty like.


Look who is not letting me out of her sight, that old sweet Poppet kitty!


We managed enough shopping, a decent amount of eating, a copious amount of HGTV and many listenings of her new cd X by Ed Sheeran, who has a talent for writing catchy little lines and choruses that get stuck in your mind for over a week. Different ones at different times.

Funny story about one of Ed’s lines. We were listening to one of the songs, happily driving down the road and Schmenky said “did he just say ‘put your faith in my stomach’? I promptly got out the lyrics and yes, yes he did say that. She sent me an email after I got home. She was doing a little “research” and discovered where someone had asked him that very question and his explanation was it meant to trust his gut feeling. I’m SO glad we got that straightened out!

That’s all for today but there is more coming about the critters on The Hill. Have a productive day, because that is always a good thing.

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  1. Miss those people’s and that little slice of paradise! I don’t mind snakes, thanks to hanging out with the Kolars for so long. But to hold one like Schmenky…yikes!

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  2. 24 hours and I bet that snake uis back in the chicken coop…I’d re-home him too but probably a good ways away. Still, I def like black snakes too and they really are pretty…just not in the coop!


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