Sassy Cats


Hi Y’All. That’s what they say in Virginia.

I say that and I’m not even from Virginia.

My People were from down south and I don’t think they even said Y’All.

So obviously, it’s fake. I still like it occasionally.

A very important part of visiting with Schmenky involves shopping. And eating.  This was part of my haul! I had very good luck!!! Mostly luck involving long tunic-short dress-long top type thingies. And a couple pair of jeggings, because apparently I am never wearing pants that zip again. And I’m mostly OK with that.


This was my roommate, Princess. I am not positive but I THINK she remembered me from last year!!!!!!! Is that even possible? It took me ALL week last year to get her as friendly as she was on my FIRST day this year! She’s a love and she needs a forever home. A forever home that doesn’t have other cats, so she can not live in the guest bedroom out of fear of interacting with those other cats. She is very soft.


This is Poppet, one of the cats that Princess is terrified of. She need not be afraid of this wobbly little girl. she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Poppet is my girl.


Even when I am pestering her with my iPad while she is napping.


She is a girl with a LOT of rules. she is a lap cat IF you sit a certain way, with a slight trough. It appears I am doing it correctly. She then likes you to pat her, slightly hard-ish.


I love that little kitty witty booly wooly!


Schmenky said she missed me when I was gone.


I’m sure you are digging the aqua towel heavily featured in all photos. It had a duel purpose. It was supposed to help keep me fur free (it didn’t) and also to protect my no zipper pants from pulls when she is enjoying her hard-ish pats.

We worked it out, didn’t we baby?


Mrs. Schmenkman and I watched a good bit of HGTV on this trip. She knew ALL the shows, and introduced me to many of them! My favorite was Tiny House Big Living. I am FACINATED by these TINY houses that I would NEVER in a MILLION years live in!!!

There were all manner of home improvement, flipping, attempting to find the perfect new home and trying to buy an island that meets all of your island needs programs to choose from. I had no idea.

We devoted an entire day to this. We may have also cut or tweaked hair that day as well. As hairdressers we always have to tweak. We called it Lazy Sunday.

Kismet and Poppet were on board.


Casey was getting in on the lazy.


A rare photo of Poppet, NOT on my lap. She also has a good handle on the lazing.


Tomorrow I will introduce you to one of Mrs.Schmenkman’s newest critters.


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  1. Kibbles, Bits and Brutus want me to tell you that they feel left out and have started a campaign to protest your obvious favoritism towards Poppet.


  2. Speaking of tiny houses… Do you know how some men like to sneak looking at pretty ladies online? My hubs likes to check out tiny houses online. He loves that Tiny Houses program on HGTV. (So maybe he doesn’t have to peruse the Internet for them anymore.)
    When he retires, he can live in a tiny house in our back yard, while I live in a biggy house.


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