Schmenky’s Newest Critter


This is Miracle, Mrs. Schmenkman’s new horsey. They used to be next door neighbors, but Miracle came to live at Schmenk’s house when her owners moved. She is not a riding horse, but she is a very nice girl.

Schmenky and her wonderful husband, Mr C, had a fence put up and built a little garage type thingy so she could get out of the rain or snow or sun. She is a lucky horse, life is good on Sassy Cat Hill, even if you are not a cat.


She seems quite happy in her new home!


When we were in Winchester we bought some GIGANTIC carrots! Miracle likes carrots! I asked Schmenk if I could give her one, which was brave of me. So far, so good.


The teeth were getting a little close. This picture is somewhat horrifying for other reasons.


HOW many chins is that?




I am consoling myself that it was a perfect storm of facial expression, a perfectly placed hair looking like a deeper chin than it actually was, and…well… a double chin. Good grief, what is to become of me?

But the haircut Schmenky gave me is dad gum cute, isn’t it??!! PLEASE, focus on the hairs!


I did it!!!!!!! Yay Capri Kel! Me and my chins are SO proud!


Then here comes Schmenky Catherine Schmenkerton to steel all of my thunder!


I am never going to do that.


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