The Life of a Wild Life Rehabilitator


That is what Mrs. Schmenkman is. She specializes in the care and raising of motherless beavers. Yes, that is a thing.

She currently has 3, of varying ages. This is the newbie Michi.


He/she still requires 3 bottles a day.  Michi still lives indoors with the Schmenkmans, upstairs in a big dog crate and downstairs in a pen, with regular trips outside to swim in the kiddie pool.


This is the outside enclave. Schmenky just built that cement pond! The white structure is a house, as is the box in the middle.The tarp on the top provides relief from the hot summer sun.


This protection made me laugh, it looks like a 2 car garage, designed by beavers! They have delicately cleared those areas for their own beaver-y purposes.


This is BB, snacking on a banana. She is over a year old and very….fluffy. Beavers need to stay with their host families for 2 years before they can be released.


She enjoys treats (obviously) and back scritches and also scratches.


Oh yes she does.


That’s the spot!


This is Matilda. She is a disabled Beav. Her eyesight is very poor and she has many aches and pains. Schmenk thinks she is old and is just giving her free room and board and loves for life. She is not releasable.

She has need of some teeth whitening paste.


She loves a belly rub!


Schmenky had to convince her to swim. She is content to sleep in the white house most of the time.


BB was ever so happy to see her in the pool!


I think her tail is almost as long as her body.


Here is BB again, doing what The Schmenkman’s call the Rub a Dub Dub. I have seen this cleaning/grooming display before, pictures don’t quite highlight the cuteness factor.


She is a healthy little nugget with her belly rolls. Kind of like myself.


Schmenky has her hands full!

I have one more post from Virginia and then that will wrap up the 20th year of our Extravaganza!


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  1. I know Beavers can be destructive but man, they are cuties for sure! And Schmenky is Wonder Woman when it comes to all creatures great and small in the wild life world. Bless her!

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