The Tale of the Two iPhones


Look what I got!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I think we were the last people in Michigan to get faincy phones!!!!!

Honey and I joined the 21st century last week. Honey’s flip phone finally quit him about a month after it plooped into the pool. So for a month I knew it was coming and I had to exercise extreme patience. Because you know what sounded fun? AN iPhone!!!!!!

The Boy put this background on of Goomba, Ab-Cat and I playing the game Memory. My other background is the grandcat Sy. Of course it is.


I picked this cover because it had texture and I was a little afeared of dropping the slippery little sucker. Maybe, as my confidence grows, I will find a cutey-cute cover that expresses my personality, whatever that may be.


Our phone story is a long drawn out affair, as is often our way. I will try and abbreviate it for blob purposes, I make no guarantees.

Everyone in our house has their own phone. Four iPhones, my 2 year old slide-touch phone (that is of the devil and does whatever it wants, whenever it wants) and Honey’s 8 year old thing that is blue and has my old green battery on the back. Sweet, I know. He doesn’t care, he does what he wants.

I believe I may have mentioned that about a month ago we were putting the pool cover on and PLOOP, it fell right out of his pocket into the pool when he bent over. We tried putting it in rice and it did start running again but was a shell of it’s former poor self. Honey finally conceded that he needed to set it free from it’s misery and replace it, but we discovered that the Sprint stores only 2  phones that were not  iPhones were the old fashioned texting phones, where you have to go through 3 letters of the alphabet for each number. Like the first one I had over 10 years ago!


What are we, The Croods??


Now Honey is not much of a phone guy, but he does text! That phone was not happening. My heart was leaping for joy!

He started researching phones. It is his way.

We finally got our phone bill straightened around, after finding out they had been overcharging us since January, and he decided we could get iPhones for the same price as we had been paying. Then he decided he didn’t want to lease their phones, he wanted to purchase the phones and just switch our contacts. The reason being he didn’t want ANYONE messing with his straightened out phone bill!!!! No THANK YOU.

Do you know how hard it is to purchase a phone that is not tied to a service plan? Neither did we. I guess it is not hard at the Apple store, but it is at the Sprint store and Target. We spent much time going from place to place and finding out that apparently,  no one does that. I can assure you that much time going from place to place was an exercise in patience as well. Those phone people do.not.speak a language I am familiar with.

Exasperated, Honey came home and had a long phone chat with the good folks at Sprint, where he was able to order 2 phones for the normal price of $1400 and have them shipped to our house. Sheesh.

When Honey got to work he mentioned, with great angst I’m sure, his problems trying to procure 2 iPhones, without service plans. His friend said he wished he would have known that because he was switching from Sprint to Verizon and he was turning in 4 iPhones, he would have given him 2 for $700 bucks, which was what they were giving him!! Hmmmmm.

Honey then called around to find a corporate Sprint store (very important) where he could return the phones we purchased on the phone, then we scrounged up $700 in cash to give to his friend at work and WHA-LAH, we have new iPhones!!!!!

Honey was very struck by the timing in all of this and very clearly saw God’s hand and perfect timing. The fact that it took a month for his phone to actually die, which had turned his thoughts to new iPhones, to all the runaround of not being able to purchase an outright phone, to telling his friend in great angst of his trouble, to being able to return the purchased phones to the corporate Sprint store, to even finding enough cash at the last minute (with $10 in singles!) to give to the friend to purchase his in perfect shape, less than year old iPhones, for half the price at the PERFECT TIME!!! Apparently, God cares about our phones!!!

Just another kiss on the cheek from a really good God!

AND THEN, Mrs. Schmenkman texted and said she has gotten a faincy phone too!!! Look out Instagram, we have been UNLEASHED on the world!!!!!!!

Follow us at capri_kel and sassycathill, we can now take pictures to post in other places besides our homes!


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  1. I hate the cost and hassle of phones…I don’t want to do without but the cost?! Geez. I have been getting used phones form gazelle lately…bought 3 and had great success and good savings too. We are just a version or two behind but the phones are still awesome…fyi for next time you work near the pool!


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