Grand Haven, Holland and Chicago


I feel my blobbing has been spotty lately. I think it is a combination of being gone, being busy and the usual dog days of summer when not a whole lot is going on. All squished together in an uneven ball.

Lets talk about Grand Haven! It was my first time there and in Holland, where we also did some shopping. Three Good Kids graciously drove again this year and The Peanuts Champ and Oreo Mom graciously let me sit in the front seat closest to the air conditioner!!!!


The house we rented was very nice, which was really good because we have always enjoyed the house we rent in South Haven. It was nice to explore a new area and this place had more selections of places to eat. We liked one place so much we went twice!

The weather was not the best but it was good enough for shopping 🙂 We never did get to the beach. We had plenty of laughs, good conversations, yummy food,  fun games, a funny movie and only got locked out once!


It takes a long time to grow old friends!


There were lots of words at the shops.


I am a fan of the words, just ask Capri Patt.




There were a lot of cute stores. I even began the Christmas shopping for the year! Always a bonus!

I am going to have to get used to having a faincy phone, I kept forgetting to take pictures. I will have to learn to think bloggally.

I did remember to take a few at the farmers market. Honey makes these!


Wish we could grow these!




The Girls and I got these for our cars.


We got back on Friday afternoon and on Saturday The Boy and The Dane went back home to Chicago after staying with us since the end of May. The Boy started school yesterday and The Dane has her third interview for a job at a church tomorrow!!!! These are both exciting things considering The Boy had to drop out last year because of all the side effects from medication and The Dane is now a graduate!!!!

We were joking that they should send me a picture of his first day with his new backpack, like the olden days. They sent this sparkling beauty.


I sent them this picture yesterday, told them Sy missed them.


Maybe he was in denial. Or maybe he was just bushed from his morning of harassing the elder ladies. It earned him several squirts with the bottle. He knows he is wrong, he takes it.


That’s it for today. I can’t top that picture.


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