Wednesday Hodgepodge


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1. It’s hard to believe, but next week’s Hodgepodge will find us in the month of September. What’s one thing you want, need, or hope to do still before summer officially ends?

Well, it isn’t fun in any way but we need to clean out, paint and reorganize our disaster of a garage. It’s a need. We never got around to it last year so it’s a double whammy this year. Honey got a new workbench (still unassembled) and we had purchased new carpet squares (still boxed and stacked) last summer to re-carpet the ramp into the back door. We still have Labor Day weekend, right?!
2. When were you last at ‘your wit’s end’?

I feel like this frequently concerning my poor sleeping the last few years. Waking up at 3:30 when you know you have a full day ahead of you, or just tossing and turning the night away can make you feel you are at your wits end!!! This and the unexpected weight gain are my least favorite things about this age in life.
3. Describe a time you were figuratively thrown into ‘the deep end‘?

This sounds like several experiences when the kids were young. When The Boy was 19 months old and diagnosed with chronic ITP, all the medications and surgeries and lifestyle changes that came along with it made us feel in over our head. As I think back on it though it feels like it was training for when we had the car accident that caused Abby’s spinal cord injury. We already had some experience treading water, and we knew that God was in the deep water with us. It was good to know.
4. Does the end always, ever, or never justify the means? Explain.

I think in matters of morality or integrity it never does. Wrong is wrong and two wrongs are still wrong.

I had an experience at Sam’s yesterday that caused me to ponder. I didn’t have a ton of stuff in my cart, but I certainly had more than 10 items, which excluded me from using the empty self check out lane for under 10 items. So I waited for the couple in front of me to finish their order in the self check out lane, where you could buy anything in the whole anything kingdom..

As you do when you are trapped in a line waiting patiently, I watched the people around me. I noticed that a mom and her teenaged daughter strolled up to the 10 and under lane and proceeded to check out their full cart. I also noticed that the daughter, I am sure on the direction of her mother, put a bag of evidently rejected asparagus on the silver table next to the check out. I do know the daughter caught my eye as she did this. When the cashier who trouble shoots the area came around a few minutes later, she picked up the asparagus and thinking maybe the woman had forgotten it, asked if the asparagus was hers. The woman said no. The teenaged daughter again made eye contact with me.

I realize that this scenario is not a big deal in the scope of life, but I did wonder what that mother had taught her daughter in those brief moments at Sam’s. Because the lane was empty, she felt that it was ok to use it. No one will go to prison for this, but the man with the gallon of milk and a bottle of pills, who came up shortly after she began, might have been inconvenienced and a little annoyed with her. That was rightly his lane to use, set aside specifically for the customer with a quick transaction.  I know you may be thinking that the woman may not have noticed the sign, and bless your heart for being so sweet.. Certainly possible but unlikely in our increasingly prevalent world of  self check out lanes, and that the vast majority of Americans can actually read signage..

As far as the asparagus I am at a complete loss. She lied, for no good reason. And her daughter knew it. All she would have had to say was she had decided against it. What did she think would happen? The cashier was going to make her take it back to where she got it?? Like that would ever happen?!

In the space of a few minutes the woman taught her daughter that the end, getting out of the store quicker and denying you did something, justified the means. Granted, not big offenses, but it made me wonder if she would do that at the grocery store, what would she do anywhere else? And by her example, teach her daughter? I’m sure the mom never gave it a second thought.

Just an observation.

5. What makes your hair stand on end?

Scary things. I am a real weenie.
6. I read an article on the website Eat This! Health, that listed 11 foods we can eat to help end bad moods. Basically it’s a feed your brain so you’re less anxious, grouchy and lethargic. The foods are-mussels, swiss chard, blue potatoes, grass fed beef, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, asparagus, honey, cherry tomatoes, eggs, and coconut. Which of those do you think would most help end your own bad mood? Which do you fear, if forced to eat, would put you into a bad mood?

Mussels, swiss chard, blue potatoes could make me anxious. Of COURSE dark chocolate would put an end to a bad mood for at least a few minutes 🙂
7. What project around your home, office, or life in general feels like there is ‘no end in sight’?

Yard work!!!!! At least we will have a reprieve in a few months. But those dang weeds will just hibernate and come back lush and green in the spring.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I saw the first bumper sticker of the 2016 presidential election yesterday while driving. It said TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. There you go.


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  1. I think that little story you told is a snapshot of what’s wrong with the world we now live in. Good luck with the garage clean out. I guess that’s a bright side to apt living. No garage!


  2. I love just looking at people. Maybe the daughter will change the behavior she’s experiencing in her own future. I’d like to hope so, anyway!


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      Glad you stopped by! If you would like to link up with Joyce and the other Hodgepodgers just click on the button below. 1. It’s …

      I love just looking at people. Maybe the daughter will change the behavior she’s experiencing in her own future. I’d like to hope so, anyway!

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