Madagascar is Waiting


Today is a big day.

Our dear friends The Hostler’s are taking their daughter/sister to the airport so she can travel to Madagascar. Not for a vacation, for an extended mission trip, with the possibility of becoming a commitment of several years. Nurse Lauren is going to serve on a Mercy Ship! Taking relief and Jesus to a needy place. You can read about the wonderful organization here.

This decision was not a quick thing, it has been years in the making for Lauren. It seems as though the course of her life has been travelling on a road for just a time as this. Her previous short term mission trips, her experience in serving the Lord in many other areas of her life, her choice of career, her compassion for helping others, all made this a natural fit.

It’s hard to believe that this young woman, here as a little gal in the center, will be travelling very far away to be a surgical nurse on a floating hospital, IN AFRICA.

IMG (9)

On the left.

IMG_0006 (3)

We are so thankful God gave us this family to love! They have made our lives richer and more fun in every way!

Lauren was the first to get glasses. They all followed like dominoes.

IMG_0002 (6)

All spaced out by a year or so.

On the right with The Ab-Cat.


They are intertwined with the fabric of our life.

The silver alien!


Our kids don’t have to think hard to picture a memory they had that involved them.

On top with The Boy.

IMG_0003 (4)

All ages,

On the right.


all seasons.

The tallest one!


Some with props,

on right.


some with costumes,

The masked angel.


all with great creativity and joy!

In the white top.


Almost all of our good camping memories are with them.

Front and center!


Church events.

Second from left.


That’s a BINGO!!!!

Second left.


Bless The Boy, surrounded by all those girls his whole life!

Red shirt.


They have been imprinted on the hearts of our family.

On left.


Grafted onto our family branch.

Second from left.


DEHOSTWAELER CAMP!!!!! Even blended our names!!!

On right.


Done life together.

On right.


Our children have grown up together. Shared holidays with each other.

On right.


Had MUCH creative fun together!

On left.


Linked in this life by their love and memories, in the next because of their salvation in a Living God.

In the middle.


God Bless their family as they adjust to the many changes in their lives, they are a very tight knit group and this will no doubt take some getting used to.

On left at her going away party.


But she is confident of her mission. Her calling.


On left is Nurse Lauren


I had such a good time going through these pictures!!!


She is accepting prayers and has a few ideas!


If you would like to follow her journey, check in on her blog, Hope the Anchor For My Soul. I am looking forward to hearing about  all the ways, great and small, she sees God going before her and working out details as only He can!

God Bless you Nurse Lauren!!!!!!! Much love and many prayers!

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.[

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  1. Darn you, Kelly!! You’re such a GREAT wordsmith — made me cry at work!! 😉 I am nothing if not a proud mama!! It is beyond fantastic to see your children follow the Lord’s plan for their lives. As I told her, “God has been so faithful, we all feel the prayers of friends and they have helped make this transition more than bearable. It is NOT gut wrenching like we thought — we miss you terribly but there is such a peace in the knowledge that you are where the Lord wants you.”

    Thanks for rooting through all your pictures to find these gems — some I don’t think that I’ve ever seen before — they brought back so many memories. 🙂

    UPDATE: I’ve been emailing with her today and she is doing very well. She’s making friends and actually found a few that were Potterheads (Harry Potter uber fans) like herself!! That’s such an answer to prayer!! They will start surgeries on the 7th and they will be hopping after that time.

    Thanks again for this post and for continuing to love on our girl! ❤

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