The Weekly Sy-The Great Outdoors


This is Sy’s first summer at our home. When he lived with The Boy and The Dane in Chicago he was content to look out the window, but he did not go outside.

Our elder felines have a summer ritual. They like to go out on the front porch in the cool early morning hours to roll and sniff and eat a blade of grass. Generally take in the air. They might be out for an hour or until scary human walkers or a loud car passes by, and they all come stampeding in as if the devil dogged their heels. They love this time in the morning.

They only problem is I have to keep the front door open the entire time they are out. That’s all I have to do to get them to come inside, pretend like I am going to shut them out of their home and leave them to fend for themselves in the cold, cruel world of suburbia. I have wished many, many times that we had a screen door. .

Enter Sy in the picture. At first he seemed scared of OUTSIDE. Then he got brave. Then in his attempt to be the boss of everyone, he decided if they could go outside, HE COULD TOO. At first I just put him behind a door somewhere. That angered him and caused him to behave in an unacceptable manner that caused me to have to wash a bathroom rug.

Because of a lack of trust, he could obviously not go out alone with the girls. They never wander, Our solution was to dig out Katie’s old dog leash. The Boy and The Dane began taking him out for “walks” in the back yard. They discovered that he was a weenie about grass. He didn’t like it when the leash was between his legs and made him walk like he had wet his pants.

The Dane sent these pictures when they were still here.


He eventually got brave and went as far as the extension of his leash allowed.


He thoroughly explored the playscape,


Still unsure about the picky carpet.


He eventually gave in and enjoyed the experience.

FullSizeRender (2)

Our solution for the morning ritual is to extend the leash out as far as it goes and place the handle under the front porch chair. He is limited as to how far he can roam, but at least he is out with his pride. Every so often I need to go and extricate him from his tangled web but so far, so good! I don’t know if he will ever be allowed to free range like the old ladies, we’ll see.


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