Sticks & Stones Succulents


I did something fun yesterday, I went up to our local farmers market to see these gals!!

My sister in law Karen and her business partner / son’s girlfriend Victoria are creative, smart, entrepreneurs! They have a thriving summer business selling darling succulents that they grow and arrange themselves!


I did not know they had this little business endeavor going until they asked The Dane to make them a couple of water color signs.


She did a beautimous job!


When I went over with The Dane to deliver them to Karen and Victoria I saw their work area and WOW, they are ALL IN!!!!! It was something to see!


I had been wanting to get up there to visit, but when I saw on Instagram that yesterday was their last morning of the summer, I knew I had to go. I’m so glad I did!


All different kinds of succulents, all sorts of containers.

IMG_0392 (1)

I was quite fond of this little fella, as is Karen. I predict he will find a home with her.


So cute!




They were doing a brisk business!


So many to choose from!


Good job ladies, see you next summer!!!!!


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