Around The Yard


Hi Friends. Happy September!

I thought I would take you around the yard today so you could see how things have grown. It was a slow start this summer and I am not sure why. We had TONS of rain on the front end, so you would think the plants would have loved it. They seemed mostly in shock and awe and just sat there.

Here we are at the start.




Coleus are My Precious. Just.So.Loverly!


I think I love this one best. It’s perfect.


This one is a close second or third, I knew it would get big. as it did last year.


The other side experienced some pot death early on. The pot on top of the tiered thingy and the zinnias died early.


I hate to say they are not missed, but they are not missed.


I bought a succulent for the top back in July and the little coleus was a volunteer from another pot that I stuck in there. He is still a beebee.


These two are delicious, jockeying for  second, third and fourth place with the kids across the porch.


Just love the green edged leaf. Sigh.


Love these two pointy knuckleheads too.

Onto the front porch, also visited by death. The pansy bit the dust fairly early on and the yellow in the pot expired while I was in Virginia.


Other than that, its crazy out there!


You know, I don’t know what to say about the lantana this year. It usually is so reliable and hearty, but this year is the latest bloomer of the bunch. I just now can no longer see the dirt and the pink ones are the latest bloomers in the front AND the back.

IMG_2798 (3)

Keeping Cement Katie company.

IMG_2796 (3)

Oh yes, remember my hyacinth bean experiment?


Party at the top!!!!


I am going to start earlier next year and use bigger containers, as per Mrs. Schmenkman’s instructions. Hopefully they will be all over that trellis even earlier!

And there you have it.


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