First List of September


Hi Guys, feeling listy today.

Honey is off for the long weekend. In celebration he brought home a box of sin. Those apple fritters. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.


Another way of looking at it is bribery for all of the work he is going to require of us on his long, off weekend. The garage is calling. Loudly.

We had the pool closed on Tuesday. Of course this has been one of the hottest weeks of the summer, after a couple of the coolest weeks of the summer. It figures.

Can I tell you how much I am loving having an iPhone????? I am! And because I was mostly proficient at using the iPad, it was an easy peasy start up.

Honey downloaded Windows 10 to the computer we got last Christmas. Thank you people at Windows, that 8 was just an abomination. I already can use this one better in ONE day than I could the other after 8 months! I realize that is really more of a stinging indictment of my skills than Windows but THERE, I said it.

I have been considering getting a new pair of walking shoes all summer. The reason being, my feet have been paining me. Whether this is because my shoes have broken down and require replacing, or my feet are old and complaining, I do not know. The reason I have not gotten past the considering part is, have you seen the shoes out there lately?





Good GRIEF they are LOUD and SCARY!!!!!!

And they “don’t go” with my walking clothes,

I remember thinking my last pair were a little wild when purchasing them! That pop of pink was almost a little too much. BAH!!!


I have bought several pairs only to return them. Hence I have decided to wait until next season and hopefully things will have calmed down by then.

I received an update on Nurse Lauren from her Mama Rae-Babe!

I am nothing if not a proud mama!! It is beyond fantastic to see your children follow the Lord’s plan for their lives. As I told her, “God has been so faithful, we all feel the prayers of friends and they have helped make this transition more than bearable. It is NOT gut wrenching like we thought — we miss you terribly but there is such a peace in the knowledge that you are where the Lord wants you.”

Thanks for rooting through all your pictures to find these gems — some I don’t think that I’ve ever seen before — they brought back so many memories. 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve been emailing with her today and she is doing very well. She’s making friends and actually found a few that were Potterheads (Harry Potter uber fans) like herself!! That’s such an answer to prayer!! They will start surgeries on the 7th and they will be hopping after that time.

Thanks again for this post and for continuing to love on our girl! ❤

There is also a new blob post about Nurse Lauren’s trip over to Madagascar at Hope The Anchor of My Soul

Mission work is always exciting to read about but when you actually know the person? WAY more exciting!!!!

Have I mentioned that the natural path doctor asked me to not have sugar? When I asked her for how long she said “is this a problem for you?” Well, yes it is if you mean FOREVER. She asked if I could agree to one indulgence a week. I said I could do that, and I mostly have.

Once upon a time I lived that no sugar life. But then I fell of the wagon and never totally got back on. I know that it is best to avoid sugars, but I am also aware that I am not going to NEVER have sugar again in my life. So I look for ways to have dessert legally, because I always knew I would never be able to stick to any lifestyle plan if I couldn’t figure out a way to get some dessert in there.

The natural doctor does not seem to have a problem with small amounts of honey and pure maple syrup, but the low carber in me still looks at those two as contraband substances. The doctor has extreme problems with artificial sweeteners, but she seems to be ok  with Truvia. So Truvia is my new best friend. Made with eurythritol and stevia, it is not quite as good tasting as Splenda, but FAR superior to plain stevia. Also known as nasty crap. Nasty crap with a bitter aftertaste.

I made this CreamyLow Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge last night because I was in need. It was SO good!!!!! Even The Ab-Cat ate it and approved, and the kids NEVER like low carb desserts!!!!

I will say that mine did not look like the picture BUT Jimmy cracked corn and I DON’T CARE. It will certainly meet my chocolate and sweet needs and if you get a good quality peanut butter with no sugar added, completely legal! Cause you know we low carbers don’t care about no stinkin’ fat content!

Thank you Pinterest!!!!! And Tatertots and Jello, of course!

I posted this picture on Instagram for Way Back When-sday.


How much do I miss those little furlings?

Will most likely be back tomorrow with a little Sy, the cutest little thug you ever did see.

Have a swell Friday!


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