Way Back When-sday Hodgepodge


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1. Last thing you did on the spur of the moment?

Well, this is not at all fun but it was satisfying! 

I went down the basement to replace 4 burned out light bulbs over our bathroom vanity. Once I did that I noticed a couple of boxes that had been stashed. I sorted through them, put some things back where they belonged, put others in other places, and relocated others to the Salvation Army box I always have going down there. After I did that I straightened up an area in my hair/craft room. All spur of the moment and all because of some burned out light bulbs!

2. How well informed do you feel about the current Syrian refugee crisis?

I watch and read the news to try and have an understanding. It is a horrifying story. Just the last couple of days I have read what I had been wondering to myself; why are their Arab neighbors not taking them in? That seems like a logical direction, but our world does not seem to operate logically these days.

I can certainly understand why they want to leave and get to a safe place. I am also sure it’s a very complicated issue and there is no one size fits all answer

3. What have you changed your mind about?

I used to hate guacamole. I had tried it and it tasted like grass. Then sometime within the last 10 or so years I decided to try it again. I liked it, A LOT!

I tried the same thing with Brussels sprouts, alas, I still did not like them. Still bitter little Martian brains. Some things don’t change 😦

4. A medium sized non-poisonous snake found it’s way into the pool trap this weekend. If you’d been sitting poolside would you have fished it out? Gone running? Called for help? Pretended not to know? Continued swimming?

Would totally go running, THEN call for help!!! Mrs. Schmenkman would have just grabbed it and re-homed it!

5. September 10th is National TV Dinner Day…what’s your idea of a great TV dinner? (Or at least a pretty good one!)

All carry-out can be a good tv dinner! Pizza, Middle Eastern, Mexican to name a few.

6. Samuel Johnson is quoted as saying, “Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues; because, unless a man has that virtue, he has no security for preserving any other.” Would you agree? Where have you seen that played out recently? What’s the second greatest virtue?

It certainly is a good one! I never like to rank things like that, it seems too hard to decide, and sometimes another virtue is required for a different situation.

Our friend Nurse Lauren has displayed great courage recently. She left her safe, comfortable life here in Michigan to travel to Madagascar to join up with Mercy Ships as an operating room nurse. I think she said she berths in a room with 6 other women, has limited access to the internet to keep in contact with loved ones, and is most likely working long hours on all kinds of surgical procedures. She is taking Jesus and much needed medical care to people who have great need for both. Her courage in caring for God’s people pleases the Lord.

I think patience and faith are great virtues. They may be quiet, but they are mighty. They also please the Lord.

7. What are three words you have trouble remembering how to spell?

I just had one in the question above!!! I always want to put a double e in procedure! Restaurant can trip me up. I can get turned around on definitely!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Tomorrow would have been my Mother’s 79th birthday. She has spent the last 5 years in heaven where she has been free of struggles of this life.  And yet she is with me, in my heart and memories. Conversations, things we did together, shared laughter and tears

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Author Unknown

.I am thankful we were close and we did not spend  time living with anger or dissention between us, I am grateful  to have had her for as long as we did, that our children have so many memories of life lived with such a loving Grandmother.

Say not in grief “he is no more,” but live in thankfulness that he was.
Hebrew proverb


IMG_0189 (1) 

“I love you every day. And now I will miss you every day.”
― Mitch Albom

Yes, she is still with us, Every day.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.


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  1. The Middle East is confusing and hard to sort out and keep up with, as it seems ever changing. Sweet sentiments about your mom. Hugs to you today as she feels especially close in your heart and mind.


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