Fitbit and a Painting


Hi Guys!

Just a few random things that have no relation whatsoever.

Hope you all had a swell weekend. The cooler temperatures combined with the bonus of a relaxing weekend, as opposed to one of the least relaxing Labor Days I have ever had, made it most enjoyable!

I woke up on Saturday morning thankful I did not have an agenda. Seriously, NO plans. I did computer stuff. I caught up on a couple Project Runways that had been lounging on the DVR. I did so little that I cannot even remember what little I did! I do know that when Honey woke up and saw me still in my pajamas, he laughed at me. I said I was taking a personal day.

Just in case you think I am pulling your leg, I told Abby that I consulted the Fitbit after church at 12 and I had already walked more steps than I had the previous entire day!

Speaking of the Fitbit, I am liking it! Nothing makes me more aware of my activity or sloth level. What has been most illuminating has been the tracking of my sleep.

Until this current stage in my life, I was a pretty good sleeper. Sure, stressful things could knock my train off its tracks, but for the most part, I slept decent. My sleep has gone the way of the hormonies, unreliable and all joophered up. I can usually fall asleep, it’s the staying asleep that is elusive.

The pink lines are awake, blue means restless.



Of course these are a couple of my worst nights, a usual night has me restless about 18 times. The natural path doctor asks about sleep. She reasons if my sleep is poor than I am not getting that good, restorative REM sleep. She wants me to bring my Fitbit sleep record when I come this Friday. I have to say it has been a little better since I last saw her. She says my nervous system  does this thing called switching and she is trying to get that straightened around. It does not surprise me that my nervous system is confused, my body confuses me a great deal at this time in my life.

She is having me take two little supplements that taste like dirt at bedtime, combined with my usual 2 magnesium supplements. Y’All, I am cautiously optimistic.


Maybe I am getting less confused.

We have a friend who is a local artist named Thomas LeGault. He is a lovely man who is enormously talented. Because Honey likes a project, he looks for these paintings on Craigslist. He found one several years ago and snapped it up. It is hanging in his office at this very moment! I love this picture.


I was not aware that he continued to look, but he found another a couple of weeks ago! It is also hanging in his office, on the advice of Capri Patt. She said it was the perfect spot.


The gal we bought this one from said her mother was downsizing and she was selling it for her. I mentioned that we loved his work and she said her mom did too and had about 15 other paintings on her walls! She said she would keep our number and call if her mom decided to sell more.


I am thankful for Tom’s God given talent! And for Honey’s thrill of the hunt mentality.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) starts back up this week! Honey and The Ab-Cat go tonight and our class starts on Thursday. I have mentioned before that I am apprehensive about studying Revelations. It seems hard and weird and people like to argue about their interpretations. I have said it before and I am continuing to repeat “I will be blessed, I will be blessed, I will be blessed…”

Revelations 1:3

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

Ok, bring it on.

Have a productive Monday.


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  1. I like when Tom L paints a tree “outside” of the painting.

    I’ve studied the book of Revelation before. I look at it as a 1000+ piece puzzle. We will never see the complete puzzle this side of heaven, but each time one studies it a few more pieces get put into place.


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